Autumn (Kleinert) Chesebro

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Autumn (Kleinert) Chesebro | Teacher | Corning

Success Story

Autumn (Kleinert) Chesebro

Teaching Credential, 2014

I honestly wasn't sure if I would attend the resume workshops, mock interviews, teacher hiring fair, or any events put on by the Career Center. I had interviewed for jobs that I had as a college student and thought I could take those skills into my teaching interviews (candidates, ignore this voice in your head!). I thought that out of all the candidates vying for a position there would be a slim chance I'd make any connections. I'm thankful I took each opportunity because it definitely has impacted my career in such a positive way! I was able to take part in "mock interviews" which helped me build even more confidence when I went to interview for positions, connect with administrators throughout the state, and learn what different districts have to offer.

Kate Buckley and her staff are the most welcoming and encouraging people! Just hearing them share their experiences about helping hundreds of future teachers and their desire to help YOU is so inspiring. There are so many stresses attached with the teaching credential program. Please, please, please let them help you. Your future self will be thankful.

One of my biggest pieces of advice (academic and personal!) would be, "You will receive a return on your investment." Meaning work hard in all that you do to prepare, even if you "know" you don't want to work for that district. I prepared for each mock interview, career fair, or meeting just as I would if I was preparing to interview for my "top district." I made connections in multiple districts, including Napa, Salinas, Fairfield, Live Oak and Capay, and now I am now working in Corning! You NEVER know what might be a stepping stone toward your ultimate position.