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Student Records and Registration


Student Records and Registration (SRO) supports students and faculty in all phases of university life with the following functions:

  • Establishing the permanent academic records for all students;
  • Processing applications for admission for students who have previously attended CSU, Chico;
  • Monitoring privacy of academic records as per FERPA. See CSU System Policies and Regulations;
  • Maintaining student records with changes of addresses, names, your personal identification number (PIN), and other demographic data;
  • Recording transfer credit from institutions previously attended and applying it to meet Chico State requirements;
  • Managing the Telephone Registration at Chico State (TRACS) system, processing course requests, registrations, and adds and drops;
  • Posting grades for all enrolled regular and extension students, as well as grade changes and other transcript adjustments;
  • Providing official and unofficial transcripts to students and mailing them to institutions and other agencies as requested by students;
  • Verifying enrollment for students;
  • Certifying NCAA eligibility of athletes;
  • Certifying students for veterans’ benefits;
  • Certifying students’ status towards meeting graduation requirements;
  • Clearing students for Chico’s bachelor’s degrees and eligibility for a California State Teaching Credential.
  • Verifying degrees and other achievements earned by former Chico State students.


Student Records and Registration is accessible to mobility-impaired students via an electric door off the breezeway of Meriam Library and a lobby signal for assistance by office staff. TDD access is via 530-898-6776 for the hearing impaired. We encourage disabled students to contact us and provide input regarding the quality of our services.


During the academic year, you may call or visit Student Records and Registration Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the summer) to reach staff who can assist you with general inquiries and detailed information about your student record or registration. Evaluators are available for appointments on Monday and Thursday on a “drop-in” basis 1-3 p.m. and Tuesday and Wednesdays 9-11 a.m. for scheduled appointments. An appointment sign-up book is located in the Student Records and Registration lobby. If you are unable to make an appointment during these hours, call to arrange another time.

Ask to see designated staff if you require special services like credentials or international student advising, veterans’ benefits assistance, visitor or concurrent registration programs, PELs, and student exchanges.


Your social security number (SSN) is used to identify you in your association with the university, first as an applicant, and later for your student records and registration activities. It is referred to as your Student Identification Number which, for most students, is the same as your SSN. It is used as a means of identifying all your records as well as identifying students for purposes of financial aid eligibility and disbursement and the repayment of financial aid and other debts payable to the institution. Therefore, you are required to include your social security number in designated places on various admissions, records, and registration forms pursuant to the authority contained in Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 41201.


For additional security you are also assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access Telephone Registration at Chico State (TRACS), and to access Student Personal Information on the Chico Web. In order to maintain the highest security of your records, we recommend you change your PIN periodically. To change your PIN, you must go in person to the Student Records and Registration office, complete a “PIN Change Form,” and sumbit it at the public service window. You will be asked to show photo identification with a signature when you submit the form.


It is vital that the university has accurate local, permanent, billing, and next-of-kin addresses, to maintain communication with you for many important activities and functions throughout your university career. These include providing you with timely orientation, advising, registration, study list, and billing information each semester. You may inform the university of address changes anytime using an address change form, available in the lobby of Student Records and Registration, MLIB 180, an attached pull-out card at the center of The Class Schedule, or via the Chico Web, Student Records and Registration Forms page at http://em.csuchico.edu/sro/forms.asp. Enrolled students are sent an address verification notice via e-mail each semester.


A CSU, Chico transcript shows only the academic work attempted at Chico. You should request transcripts at least two weeks before you need them. Submit your request in writing to Student Records and Registration, MLIB 180, CSU, Chico, Chico, CA 95929-0720. Be sure to include your signature to indicate your permission to release confidential information, as well as your most recent semester of enrollment, your full name and social security number for proper identification. Include the name and address where you want the transcript to be sent. For information on costs associated with ordering transcripts, see the information below and “Transcript and Other Document Service Fees” in the chapter “Fees, Tuition, Refunds, and Holds” in The Class Schedule. Fees are subject to change without notice. You can also obtain an unoffical copy of your Chico academic record and transfer coursework though the Chico State Connection portal at no cost. You can obatin an “offical trnascript request form” through the Chico Website: http://em.csuchico.edu/sro/Forms/TranscriptReqForm.pdf.

Official high school transcripts and those from other colleges become part of your permanent record at Chico and cannot be returned to you. If additional official copies are needed, you must make arrangements directly with the institutions involved. Unofficial copies of transcripts and other documents in your record may be obtained by currently enrolled students from Student Records and Registration for a copying fee. Normal processing time is two days; however, during peak times it may take longer.

Transcript Fees

Costs associated with ordering official trans- scripts of your academic record (CSU, Chico permanent record only) and other Student Records (SRO) services are listed below.
Fees are subject to change without notice.

Number of Official Chico Transcripts You Request       Amount You Pay

First transcript


Up to nine additional transcripts prepared at the same time

each @ $2.00

Additional transcripts (after ten) prepared at the same time

each @ $1.00

Other Documents Service Fees

Unofficial copies of your transcripts are not mailed and must be picked up within forty-eight hours at SRO for the following fees:

Other Documents Service Fees     Amount You Pay

First set of documents copied


Each additional set ordered at the same time


Application for graduation


Refiling for graduation


Replacing a diploma


Submitting documents after a published deadline (e.g., graduation application, change of program or CR/NC petition)


Rush Services (e.g., certification of graduation, verification of enrollment, a petition to repeat with academic forgiveness, rushing transcript)


For further information, visit Student Records and Registration, Meriam Library 180.


Student Records and Registration verifies enrollment for insurance companies, banks, scholarships, employment, and for veteran’s benefits. The Financial Aid Office verifies enrollment for students applying for its financial aid programs.

Most verifications of enrollment require a certification for full-time or part-time student status. You are a full-time undergraduate student if you are enrolled in at least 12 semester units, and are considered half time if you enroll in 6-11.9, or part time if enrolled in 1-5.9. If you enroll in extension course work at California State University, Chico, you must inform Student Records and Registration of this fact when requesting an enrollment verification if you plan to use the extension units in determining full-time or part-time status.

You are a full-time graduate student if you are enrolled in at least 8 graduate-level semester units (200- or 300-level courses). Courses numbered 001 through 199 do not count full value toward the 8 graduate-level semester units required for full-time status for graduate students. Regularly enrolled graduate students employed half time or more as graduate assistants, research assistants, or part-time faculty members may use the employment as the equivalent of up to four semester hours in determining full-time status. Verification of this must be obtained through the Office of Graduate Programs.

Enrollment verification requires your written consent before it will be released and should be requested ten days to two weeks before needed.


The Class Schedule is your principal guide to registration procedures each academic year. It is a year-long class schedule and is available at the Associated Students Bookstore in late April for the next academic year. The Class Schedule contains an outline of all important dates, activities and deadlines related to the registration, fee payment, and financial aid process, and provides detailed registration instructions, notices, and other information important to your successful registration.

Registration consists of two major activities: planning your overall degree program, and registering each semester for the courses you want.

1. Planning your overall degree program—Carefully identifying the courses you need is the most important thing you can do to graduate on time. Advising assistance is available to you throughout your college career—through the summer New Student Orientation Program, in group advising sessions, from your major department adviser, from your evaluator, and from the Academic Advising Services. Your academic adviser is your best resource—plan to see your adviser every semester.

2. Registering each semester for the courses you want – Registration is accomplished through Telephone Registration at Chico State (TRACS), or through the Chico State Connection, our Web portal.


Registration at CSU Chico is real-time and relies on telephone and web-based registration technologies. Telephone-based registration is called TRACS (Telephone Registration at Chico State), and web-based registration is conducted through the Chico State Connection, our web portal. Students may use either or both registration systems to add or drop classes. We encourage students to use the web, but TRACS will be open in case students encounter problems when using the web. When students access the registration system, class adds and drops are processed immediately.

Registration for each semester is divided into two distinct phases: Phase 1, the Registration by Appointment Period, and Phase 2, the Add/Drop Period. During the Registration by Appointment Period, student access to the registration system will be controlled by appointment. During this period, access to registration is determined by student class level. Because real-time registration is first-come, first-served, it is important to prepare for your registration session early. It is imperative that you take time before the Registration by Appointment Period to meet with your adviser to plan your schedule and to access your personal student record information by using the Chico State Connection web portal to identify any registration holds you must clear before being allowed to access the registration system, to verify test statuses, and to plan your class requests carefully in order to make progress toward degree effectively.

Approximately three weeks before the beginning of the Registration by Appointment Period, Student Records and Registration will send an invitation to register letter to your permanent address. This letter will specify the time after which you may access the registration system and also notify you of the registration fee payment deadline for the semester. You will not be able to access the registration system until your assigned appointment time and may access the registration system at any time after your assigned times until the registration system is closed at the end of the Registration by Appointment Period.

The Registration by Appointment Period  is scheduled for a two week period several weeks before the beginning of each semester. Registration is first-come, first-served; and therefore, it is imperative that you take time before the Registration by Appointment Period to meet with your adviser, clear any registration holds, verify test statuses, and plan your class requests carefully in order to make progress toward degree effectively.

When the Registration by Appointment Period ends, the registration system will be closed while a study list and statement of account is mailed to your permanent addresses. Therefore, it is vital that anytime you change either your permanent address or local address that you inform Student Records and Registration; you are required to keep the university informed of all local and permanent address changes. You may also use the Chico State Connection web portal to view your study list and statement of account.

Approximately three weeks before the first day of the fall or spring semester, the registration system reopens for the Add/Drop Period. Open until the end of the second week of classes each semester, during the Add/Drop Period, the registration system allows students to add or drop classes without permission.


Non-financial aid students are required to pay registration fees by the Registration Fee Payment Deadline, and financial aid students are required to participate in Electronic Deposit of Financial Aid (EDFA) or certify financial aid arrangements, or all courses will be dropped. See “The Academic Calendar” and “Fees and Expenses” in The University Catalog, and annually in The Class Schedule for the latest information on fee payment procedures and deadlines and financial aid arrangements.


The Course Add/Drop Period is scheduled for five weeks, the three weeks before classes begin and the first two weeks of each semester. This is a “live registration” add and drop period using the same Chico State Connection web portal or TRACS system (not a request for classes). You will be able to add classes which are still open and drop classes without special permission during this period.


The Change of Program (COP) process and form are used for all manual registrations. Some courses, especially Independent Study (199s, 299s, and 398s), Internships (089s,  189s, 289s, and 389s), Master’s Study (399s), and other courses designated by the departments, require specific faculty permission or other special handling for registration. All of these courses will be handled by the COP process throughout all phases of registration using a COP form which you will get from the department or faculty member responsible for the course. Courses requiring manual registration or the COP process will be indicated in The Class Schedule.

Late Registration: After the second week of classes each semester, all adding and dropping will be done through a manual registration system using the COP form only.


Annual class schedule information may be found in The Class Schedule available at the Associated Students Bookstore.

A daily updated Open Classes ONLY and Class Schedule is available through the “Schedule” button on the Chico Web. It is accessible in most campus computer labs and offices, and from off-campus using an Internet WWW browser such as Internet Explorer. Use the Web address: www.csuchico.edu.


The Student Records and Registration Office manages registration holds that may be placed on your record for various reasons. A registration hold will prevent you from registering through TRACS or the Chico State Connection. When you call TRACS or use the portal, you will be informed if you have a registration hold and will be directed to an appropriate office to clear it. Take care of all holds promptly. You are well informed by public announcements, university publications, or letters of notification of holds or situations which will result in a hold. Additional holds may be instituted whenever necessary by responsible offices.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Call TRACS or use the portal one to two weeks before the end of the course request period each semester to check for any holds or other messages that may adversely affect your registration. That is, a hold may be placed anytime which will bar your registration if not cleared before the Registration by Appointment Period.

Students who owe any fees by December 1 for the fall semester or May 1 for the spring semester will have a “Balance Due” registration hold placed on their account. Other registrations holds may be placed on your record at any time by responsible offices for any outstanding debt owed to the university. Please go to the Student Financial Services Office, KNDL 212, to pay all fees owed. The university will remove the balance due registration hold within two working days of payment of all outstanding fees.

REQUIRED TESTS: When you call TRACS or use the Chico State Connection and request ENGL 001, a writing proficiency (WP) course, or any mathematics course, you will be informed if you have not completed or met required levels of proficiency to register for these courses. Unless exempt, you must take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry-Level Math test (ELM) before you will be allowed to register for any courses as CSU, Chico. You must pass ENGL 001 or its equivalent with a grade of C- or better before you may register for any writing proficiency (WP) course. See “Math and Writing Requirements” in this catalog or The Class Schedule for complete information.


You must submit a Certification Of Measles, Rubella, and Hepatitis B Immunization or a registration hold will be placed on your record. Measles and rubella certification is required of all students born after 1-1-57. Beginning fall 2000, hepatitis B certification is required of all first-time enrollees who are eighteen years of age or younger; students must provide certification of full immunization for hepatitis B by the end of their first year of enrollment (e.g., if first enrollment is fall, then, must provide certification of hepatitis B immunization by the end of the following spring semester). Submit a Certification form to the Office of Student Records and Registration, MLIB 180, or go to the Student Health Center for immunization innoculation. For information call 530-898-5879.

Registration holds are placed on all undergrads who do not take the ELM and EPT prior to  their first semester at Chico. Please see “Required Tests” above and “Math and Writing Requirements” in The University Catalog and The Class Schedule.

You are required to have a University Emergency Information Form, UEI, on file with the Office of University Relations or a registration hold will be placed on your record. Submit this form and clear the hold at University Relations, Sapp Hall (at the corner of Normal and W. 3rd Sts), 530-898-5297, or FAX: 530-898-4747.


TRACS and the Student Personal Information page on the Chico Web provides online access to your grades from previous terms, back to fall 1993.

Use the Chico State Connection or call TRACS, 530-898-4040. After listening to the welcome, press “1” and ”#” for the TRACS registration and grade system. Follow the instructions offered to hear your grades. The Class Schedule provides detailed procedures  on accessing your grades by term.

Grades are not mailed to students at the close of the regular fall and spring semesters. Use TRACS to be informed of your official grades, after the end of the term. Student Records and Registration will provide a printed grade report to students upon written request only. Send your request, specifying the semester grades needed, to:

Attention: Grades
Student Records and Registration
CSU, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0720.

Student Personal Information on the Web

CSU, Chico students can now use the Chico Web to look at selected personal information directly from their student records. The information from your record is current and “real-time,” and is being made available to you only after the university has established strict measures to guarantee its security.

Six views of your student record are currently available:

  • Your Study List: look at the classes in  which you are enrolled or that you have requested through TRACS. Print and use the associated Enrollment Verification form to request an enrollment verification for submission to lending institutions, insurance companies, etc.
  • Your Grades: look at your grades for any semester in which you have been enrolled at CSU, Chico from fall 1993 and after.
    This service is not available while grades are being posted to your record at the end of each semester.
  • Your Address(es): look at your local, permanent, and billing addresses; determine whether your addresses are correct; print and complete the associated Address Change Form and either mail or bring to  the Student Records and Registration Office, Meriam Library 180 to update your address information.
  • Your Account: look at your financial account information to determine whether you owe any registration fees or other financial obligations to the university.
  • Registration Holds: determine whether you have any holds which would stop you from accessing TRACS, might result in your losing the classes you have requested through TRACS, or which may prevent you from getting financial aid. If you have any holds, this screen will help you determine which offices placed them and how to contact those offices to clear the hold(s).
  • Advising Information: review important information regarding statuses for university requirements like the English Placement Test (EPT) and Elementary Mathematics (ELM). You can also display the name, office location, and campus phone number of your academic adviser.

Hours Available

Student Personal Information on the CSU, Chico Web will be available from approximately 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and, usually, similar hours on weekends. This information is dependent upon the administrative data base, and therefore, not available during the hours when the database is off-line for backup, maintenance, or other activities.

Security Concern

The security of your record has been our highest concern in designing the Student Personal Information screens on the CSU, Chico Web.  We had to take into consideration that students may access this information from on-campus computers; therefore, exceptional measures have been taken to make sure the next student to use that computer cannot “walk-in” on your session and have access to your information.  Accessing the system and moving between views (screens) might seem a bit cumbersome, repetitive, and certainly slower than typical Web browsing. Please understand that the procedures this system requires are designed to protect your personal information from access by anyone else but you.

The best thing you can do to assure the security of your personal information is to follow the procedures below and always exit the system, using the “Exit System” button. Do not walk away from a public computer terminal while still logged in to your personal records without using the “Exit System” button.

Students are subject to all provisions of the Policy on Use of Communications Technology (www.csuchico.edu/computing/netpolicy.html).

Your Personal Identification Number

For additional security you are assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access Telephone Registration at Chico State (TRACS), and to access Student Personal Information on the Chico Web. In order to maintain the highest security of your records, we recommend you change your PIN periodically. To change your PIN, you must go in person to Student Records and Registration office, complete a “PIN Change Form,” and sumbit it at the public service window. You will be asked to show photo identification with a signature when you submit the form.

Procedures to Access Your Student Information:

  • Login to the CSU, Chico Web (www.csuchico.edu)
  • Select the “Current Students” option from the CSU, Chico Home Page main menu and then “Student Records” from the Current Students page.
  • Carefully read the options and any disclaimers and instructions and press the button titled “Student Personal Information” and follow the system instructions until you access the Student Personal Information Student Information System Access Verification screen.
  • On the Student Information System Access Verification screen, enter your Student Identification Number (normally your social security number) and your Personal Information Number (PIN). These are the same numbers you use to access TRACS. See pages 4-5 of the The Class Schedule for more information.
  • Then select the view of data you want to see from the Information (e.g., study list, grades, account, etc.) and specify a term for the data you want displayed, and then press the “Display Info” button.
  • View the data and if you want to see another view (screen), press the “More” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pressing “More” returns you to the login screen, where you will again have to enter your Student ID and PIN. In fact, you will have to enter this information for each view you want to display.
  • Any screen displaying your personal information will terminate after three (3) minutes and will return you to the login screen.  
  • When you are finished viewing your personal information, press the “Exit System” button at the bottom of any screen or at the bottom of the logon screen.

Additional Procedures and Notes

  • Some screens also have links to helpful, related, but non-personal information. For example, the Study List screen displays the classes in which you are enrolled or which you have requested for a specified semester.  You may want to look at other sections of a class in which you are enrolled to see if any new sections are being offered or if another section is open which may fit your plans better. The embedded link to The Class Schedule will take you to a listing of classes for the semester you have chosen.  
    However, if you use any link that takes  you to a screen outside of the Student Personnel Information system, you cannot go back to your Student Personal Information using the “Back” button; you will have to return to the Student Personal Information menu and log on to the system again from the start.
  • Macintosh users: Macintosh browser fonts are not fully compatible with the Student Personal Information system screens and some information will not align correctly with the column titles identifying the kinds of information. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Peculiarities of Various Web Browsers: You must use Netscape or Internet Explorer 3.x or higher. Here are some situations you may encounter.

PC Netscape Navigator 3.01, works well and as expected.

PC Netscape Communicator 4.04, works well and as expected (one scrolling message does not show up)

Mac Netscape Navigator 2.02, does not work.

Mac Netscape Navigator 3.02, works well, scrolling message does not display.

Mac Netscape Communicator 4.01, works well, scrolling message does not display.

PC Internet Explorer 4.0, works well, but scrolling message goes by so fast it can't be read.

PC Internet Explorer 4.X does not work at this time.