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University Scholarship Program

California State University, Chico provides merit and scholarship awards to deserving students in amounts ranging from $100 to $3000. Each year the number and size of these awards vary.

The university offers two types of scholarships: university scholarships, available to all students, and program scholarships, offered to students within particular programs. The Scholarship Office receives applications and forwards them to the appropriate scholarship committees for review, according to the criteria and requirements specified for each scholarship, such as scholastic ability, financial need, leadership, interest in a chosen major or career, area of permanent residence, class level, letters of recommendation, auditions, and special application materials.


An overall grade point average of 2.0 or above is required to qualify for a scholarship. Consideration may also be given to financial need, specific field of study, or other special criteria. Scholarship recipients must be regularly admitted and are expected to maintain full-time enrollment status at CSU, Chico during the term(s) of the scholarship. Students enrolled only through the Open University program are not eligible.


The application for all California State University, Chico scholarships is available between November 15 and February 1 in the Scholarship Office, Financial Aid Office, or at www.csuchico.edu/scholarships.

Applications must be received at the Scholarship Office by 5 P.M. on February 1, or postmarked by February 1 each year.

While all scholarships require this application, some program scholarships have additional application requirements. Your department can provide a description of special requirements that apply to scholarships in your major.

The California State University, Chico scholarship application should be requested from and returned to:

Scholarship Office
California State University, Chico
Chico, California 95929-0709


The university scholarship committees meet in March and April to designate scholarship awards for the following year. If you are among the recipients, you will receive a letter in May stating the name and amount of the scholarship as well as information about how it will be disbursed to you. The award is contingent upon your written acceptance within one month of the date of notification.

Unfortunately, there are not enough funds for all students who apply for California State University, Chico scholarships. If you are not selected, you will be notified in May. Occasionally, scholarship recipients cannot accept their awards. The committee will then choose an alternate student as a replacement.  It is important to keep your address updated with the Student Records Office.

All applications are kept active in the Scholarship Office for one year. They will be considered for scholarships that may become available at times other than the normal spring award cycle, and, with your permission, referred to community organizations offering scholarships.

President’s Scholars Program

In 1995, the university established the President’s Scholars Program for first-time freshmen attending California State University, Chico. High school seniors with a 3.7 GPA and above (or 3.5 GPA and above with a 1200 combined SAT or 27 ACT composite score) who have applied early to the university and have been admitted for the following fall semester are invited to come to the campus to take part in a scholarship competition. On a Saturday in February, these students take exams testing critical thinking, problem-solving, and communications skills. Winners receive $10,000 scholarships. Several $500 awards are given to runners-up. Call the Office of the President at 530-898-5201 for further information.

Athletic Scholarships

Available to selected athletes. Call Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports, 530-898-6470, for further information.

Special Awards

Available for selected students with outstanding academic performance records and special talents. These usually require a separate application or nomination process. New and continuing students should inquire at their department offices for information about special awards.