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The School of Graduate, International, and Sponsored Programs

The Mission of the College

The mission of the School of Graduate, International, and Sponsored Programs is to enrich the university community by providing enhanced opportunities for graduate education, international studies, sponsored research, and faculty professional development. Graduate, International, and Sponsored Programs are a vital part of the university. They add depth, promote the linkage of our teaching and research efforts, and facilitate the development of a global perspective.

The school carries out its mission through the implementation of the following goals:
1. The recruitment, admission, and enrollment of qualified graduate and international students.
2. The retention of students by providing competent, professional advising and academic support services, as well as academic enrichment opportunities.
3. The offering of high quality inter- disciplinary graduate and undergraduate programs, and the facilitation of develop- ment of new graduate and certificate pro- grams attuned to societal needs and campus capabilities.
4. The promotion of faculty participation in sponsored research and creative activities by offering pre-award and post-award services.


The most valuable educational resource at CSU, Chico is the faculty. To assist these faculty in their continuing professional development, the university offers programs to support scholarship, creative works, research, and institutional and curricular development.

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides campuswide professional development programs, assistance with the development of grant proposals, and fiscal management of funded projects.

Foundation Grant and Professional Development

The Research Foundation supports faculty professional development through a portion of its revenue. Of these funds, a percentage supports campuswide professional development programs, and another percentage is distributed to the colleges to support academic activities of their faculty, including individual research and publications, grant development efforts, active participation in professional conferences, attendance at professional institutes and short courses.

Summer Scholars Program

The Summer Scholars Program provides funds to competitively selected faculty members to support significant research, creative works, and other scholarly activities that enhance CSU, Chico’s institutional prestige. Faculty projects that are supported include research, grant and contract development, publication of monographs or books, artistic endeavors, and the acquisition of top-line equipment.

CSU Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Awards

The California State University provides funds for full semester assigned time, mini-grants of up to $5000, and stipends for one or two months of summer salary to support research and other scholarly and creative activities. Funds are administered by individual campuses, and competition for these awards is keen.

Project Director’s Incentive Funds

When sponsored projects recover overhead, a portion of the Incentive Program provides funds to individual project directors, who may use these funds in a variety of ways to enhance their professional development.

Faculty Development Program

The Faculty Development Program, funded by the CSU System, provides assigned time and operating expenses to assist tenure-track assistant and associate faculty so that they may establish a strong academic record for tenure or promotion. Typical projects include activities to:

  • initiate and/or complete scholarly research and creative activities;
  • complete and publish instructional projects or scholarly research.

Research and Grant Development

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides some limited local grants of assigned time and operating expenses for developing external grant proposals and is responsible for the coordination of all campus activity relating to funded grants and contracts. Assistance to faculty is available in:

  • identifying potential sources of funds;
  • securing and interpreting grant guidelines;
  • aiding the development of grant proposals, including budget preparation assistance;
  • securing the necessary campus approvals in order for the proposal to leave campus;
  • providing seed money (where appropriate) for activities exploring the potential for and the development of proposals;
  • providing clerical and duplicating assistance during proposal preparation and submission;
  • maintaining a comprehensive electronic library of grants information and agency guidelines;
  • providing on-going information about grant opportunities;
  • negotiating final awards with awarding agencies;
  • administering project funds after award,
    including audit reporting.

CSU, Chico faculty have been highly successful over the years in securing funds from federal, state, and local governments, corporations, and private foundations. Close to 500 proposals are submitted each year with approximately 70 percent receiving funding—a success ratio well above the national average of about 33 percent. Cash awards for fiscal year 2000/2001 totaled in excess of $29.3 million.


Other faculty development opportunities are available through various campus offices, including:

Faculty Fee Waiver

Many regular courses provide opportunities for professional growth for faculty. The Faculty Fee Waiver program waives all but a token fee for up to 6 units. Faculty may take any course for which they have the minimum prerequisites and from which they can profit professionally. Applications and further information are available from the Personnel Office.

Faculty Exchanges

Domestic and international exchanges allow tenured faculty and permanent staff to spend a semester or an academic year at another college or university, or with another educational association. In some cases, participants can remain on Chico’s payroll while learning and performing agreed-upon services at the host institution, or they can take a leave to participate in an exchange. Further information is available in the Office of International Programs.


CSU, Chico and the CSU System provide leaves of absences for faculty that range from sabbatical leaves (for scholarly and creative work) through differential pay leaves (for further study) to leaves without pay.


CSU, Chico, the CSU System, and various groups support awards and honors for the faculty. Campuswide recognitions include Outstanding Professor, Outstanding Teacher, and Professional Achievement Honors. Faculty mentors of students winning the Outstanding Thesis or Project Award and the annual Student Research Competition are also recognized. Please see the chapter on “Distinguished Faculty” in this catalog.