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Who majors in Humanities?

The term “Humanities” refers to a broad range of subjects—including art, architecture, history, music, dance, languages, literature, philosophy, ethics, and religion.  Students who select Humanities as a major study the achievements of the human heart and mind; they work within a variety of disciplines in order to acquire a deeper understanding of themselves, civilization, and the world.

What courses are offered?

There are three components to the Humanities curriculum:  foreign language study, core requirements, and electives.  Foreign language study involves two semesters of intermediate course work.  Core requirements include HUM 100A and 100B, which survey the artistic and intellectual legacy of Western Civilization, and 100C, which examines the arts and ideas of India, China, and Japan.  Elective courses focus on key moments in Western and world history.  Students are expected to choose electives in consultation with the coordinator of the program.

What about a Humanities minor?

A minor in Humanities provides an abbreviated version of the major, with four core courses—including HUM 100A, 100B, and 100C—and four electives.  It is an excellent choice for students seeking a well-rounded education or a broad base for their major field of study.

Additional minors offered by the Humanities program include Cinema Studies, Classical Civilization, Medieval Studies, and Renaissance Studies.

What can I do with a Humanities degree?

A degree in Humanities provides a classic liberal education, an education which helps prepare students for any occupation in the business or professional world that requires understanding, sensitivity, imagination, skill in oral and written communication, and the adaptability that comes from a broad cultural and intellectual background.  It also provies a firm foundation for those students who hope to attend graduate school and who, thereafter, intend to pursue a career in higher education.

Faculty and Facilities

As an interdisciplinary program with links to every department within the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, the Humanites program provides access to a nationally acclaimed faculty, leading-edge research facilities, and award-winning arts programs.

A Humanities major or minor is ideal for students who are interested in the artistic, spiritual, and intellectual traditions that stand behind and continue to shape the world in which they live.