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Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies major is designed to provide students with a broadly based liberal arts degree in English, the sciences and math, humanities and fine arts, social sciences, and an area of concentrated study selected by the student.

The Liberal Studies major (except the non-credential pattern) satisfies the requirements of the State of California for a Subject Matter Preparation Program to waive the Multiple Subjects Assessment for Teachers (MSAT) for students wishing to enter a Multiple Subjects Credential Program. This credential is necessary to teach in self-contained classrooms (primarily elementary grades). For further information on credentials, please call the Education Services Center in Holt Hall 101, 530-898-6391.

The General (Pre-credential) Pattern-CLAD

This is for students who wish to enter a credential program with Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) prerequisites met.

The Bilingual/Cross-cultural Pattern-BCLAD

This is for students who wish to enter a credential program with Bilingual Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) prerequisites met. This pattern includes courses in Spanish, Mexican/Latino history and culture, and the teaching of English as a second language. Other languages and cultures are possible.

The Liberal Arts (Non-credential) Pattern

This is for students who wish to obtain a liberal arts and sciences background and do not intend to enter the teaching profession.

The Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher CORE Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential (Blended Program)

The Integrated Teacher CORE combines the BA in Liberal Studies and the Multiple Subjects Crendtial Program. Early field experiences, integrated curriculum, and a streamlined, focused program are the ITC’s distictives. Students in this program are often able to complete their entire program in less time than by traditional means.

The Liberal Studies/Child Development Program

This is for students who wish to obtain two majors within their BA degree, preparing for careers in both elementary teaching and early childhood education.

Career Outlook

The projected need for elementary educators over the next five years in California is very high. See a Liberal Studies adviser for information on supplementary authorizations and minors to develop even broader teaching opportunities.

Businesses and the helping professions are interested in hiring competent people with liberal arts and sciences backgrounds. Students pursuing a liberal studies degree for reasons other than teaching should consult with their faculty adviser or a career counselor concerning the range of opportunities for people with a liberal arts background.

Subject Matter Competency

Students who plan to enter the credential program must be certified as competent in the subject matter required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This is true also for candidates who pass the MSAT. See your Liberal Studies adviser early in your academic career for information regarding the process and the criteria for certification.