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The Minor in Exercise Science

Course Requirements for the Minor: 20-21 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this minor.

Departmental approval is required before you begin course work for this minor. Approval can be obtained by providing written notice of your intention to declare this minor to the department office.

4 courses required:

BIOL    003    Human Anatomy    3.0    FS *

BIOL    004    Human Physiology    3.0    FS *

PHED    180A    Physiology of Exercise    4.0    FS

Prerequisites: BIOL 004.

PHED    185    Biomechanics    4.0    FS

Prerequisites: BIOL 003 or faculty permission for non-majors, basic computer literacy skills.

1 course selected from:

PHED    116    Prin Spt Injury Mgt    4.0    FS

Prerequisites: Basic First Aid or equivalent course; faculty permission.

PHED    173    Prin of Strength & Conditioning    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: PHED 180A, PHED 185, or faculty permission.

PHED    186    Sports Epidemiology    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills or faculty permission.

PHED    189    Internship Seminar    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: At least junior standing and faculty permission.

PHED    280    Clinic in Exercise Physiology    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: PHED 180; faculty permission.

PHED    282    Medical Topics in Exercise Physi    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline or PHED 180A, PHED 185, PHED 280 or faculty permission.

PHED    286    Anat/Patho Aspects of Sports Inj    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: BIOL 003, BIOL 004, PHED 185.

PHED    288    Sem Sport/Phys Act Health Care    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: PHED 117, PHED 181.

Or, an approved elective in exercise science may be substituted.

1 course selected from:

NFSC    123    Nutrition/Physical Fitness    3.0    FS *

Prerequisites: One lower-division course in biological sciences.

NFSC    125    Human Nutrition    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: BIOL 004, CHEM 028.