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The Bachelor Of Arts In Musical Theatre

Total Course Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree: 120 units

See “Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree” in The University Catalog for complete details on general degree requirements. A minimum of 40 units, including those required for the major, must be upper division.

The department has prepared a suggested Four Year Advising Plan to help students meet all graduation requirements within four years. Please request a plan from your major adviser or view it and other current advising information on the CSU, Chico Web.

Please see General Education, Cultural Diversity, American Institutions, and Literacy Requirements under the BA in Theatre Arts.

Course Requirements for the Major: 60 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this degree.


13 courses required:

MUS    053A    Fundamentals of Music: Piano    3.0    FS *

THEA    010    Theatre Forum    1.0    FA

THEA    041    Ballet for Musical Theatre    2.0    FA

THEA    060    Acting    3.0    FS *

THEA    065    Textual Analysis for Production    3.0    FA

THEA    070    Stagecraft    2.0    FS

Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in THEA 173.

THEA    072    Make-Up    2.0    FS

THEA    090    Voice for Performance    2.0    FS

THEA    095    Movement for Actors    2.0    FA

THEA    151    Musical Theatre I    3.0    FA

Prerequisites: ENGL 001 (or its equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher.

THEA    152    Musical Theatre II    3.0    SP

THEA    160    Intermediate Acting I    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: THEA 060 required; THEA 090 and THEA 095 recommended.

THEA    173    Technical Theatre Performance    1.0    FS


A minimum of 6 units is required in each area. Take at least 10 units of upper-division course work to meet the 20-unit upper-division requirement in the major.


6 units selected from:

THEA    165    History of Theatre I    3.0    FA

THEA    166    History of Theatre II    3.0    SP

THEA    171A    Theatre Costume I    3.0    FA

Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in THEA 163.

THEA    261A    Adv Act: Audition/Improvisation    3.0    SP

Prerequisites: THEA 060; THEA 160.

THEA    261B    Adv Act: Styles Musical Theatre    3.0    FA

Prerequisites: THEA 060; THEA 160.

Theatre Dance

6 units selected from:

PHED    152    Introduction to Dance    3.0    FS *

THEA    042    Modern Dance for Musical Theatre    2.0    SP

THEA    043    Jazz Dance for Musical Theatre    2.0    SP

THEA    044    Tap Dance for Musical Theatre    2.0    FA

THEA    049    Musical Theatre Dance Survey    2.0    SP

THEA    141    Int Ballet for Musical Theatre    2.0    SP

Prerequisites: THEA 041 or consent of instructor.

THEA    143    Int Jazz for Musical Theatre    2.0    FA

Prerequisites: THEA 043 or consent of instructor.


6 units selected from:

MUS    006    Listening with Understanding    1.0    FA

MUS    011K    Studio Instruction: Piano Accomp    1.0    FS

MUS    111K    Studio Instruction: Piano Accomp    1.0    FS

MUS    103    Intro to Music Technology    3.0    FA

MUS    132A    Vocal Diction and Literature    3.0    FA

Prerequisites: One or more semesters of studio instruction or faculty permission.

MUS    132B    Vocal Diction and Literature    3.0    SP

Prerequisites: One or more semesters of studio instruction or faculty permission.

MUS    171    Music Industry    3.0    FS

Prerequisites: ENGL 001 (or its equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher.

MUS    191    American Music    3.0    FS *

MUS    192    Maj Mus Fig in West Civilization    3.0    FS *

MUS    193    History of Jazz    3.0    SP

MUS    194    Rock & Roll Catalyst for Soc Chg    3.0    FS

NOTE: MUS 011K and MUS 111K may be taken for a maximum of 3 units each.


6 units selected from:

MUS    003    Large Ensembles    1.0    Inq

MUS    009    Vocal Performance    1.0    Inq

MUS    203    Large Ensembles    1.0    Inq

MUS    209    Vocal Performance    1.0    Inq

THEA    101    Theatre Workshop    2.0    FS

THEA    102    Musical Theatre Workshop    2.0    FS

THEA    162    Acting Theatre Performance    1.0    FS

THEA    167    Musical Theatre Ensemble    2.0    FS

Prerequisites: Audition or permission of instructor.

THEA    168    Dance Theatre Workshop    1.0    FS

THEA    268    Seminar in Choreography    2.0    FS

Prerequisites: THEA 168.


6 units selected from:

MUS    030    Beginning Voice    1.0    Inq

Prerequisites: MUS 053B or faculty permission.

MUS    011E    Studio Instruction: Voice    1.0    FS

MUS    111E    Studio Instruction: Voice    1.0    FS

NOTE: MUS 030 may be taken more than once for a maximum of 2.0 units. The total requirement of 6 units may be made up of any combination of these courses.

Electives Requirement:

To complete the total units required for the bachelor’s degree, select additional elective courses from the total university offerings. You should consult with an adviser regarding the selection of courses which will provide breadth to your university experience and apply to a supportive second major or minor.

Special Musical Theatre Requirements

1. At the end of the second and fourth semesters, each student must demonstrate appropriate competence in the major before a faculty committee. Consult with an adviser for format and standards upon admission to the degree program.

2. Students must participate in auditions for all musical theatre productions.

Grading Requirement:

All courses taken to fulfill major course requirements must be taken for a letter grade, except those courses specified by the department as Credit/No Credit grading only.

Advising Requirement:

Advising is mandatory for all majors in this degree program. Consult your undergraduate adviser for specific information.