The College includes the Departments of English, Foreign Languages and Literatures, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, and programs in American Studies and Humanities. The Departments of Art and Art History, Music, and Theatre Arts comprise the School of the Arts.

The Mission of the College

Faculty and students of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA) pursue rewarding study of the cultural facets of our human identity. We seek to know ourselves as symbol-users and meaning- makers. While examining the traditions we have inherited, we participate in the artistic life of our community, seeking a dialogue between the intellectual wealth of the past and the expressive possibilities of the present. We are seekers of value, especially those values embodied in written texts and art. We attempt to achieve critical thought and purposeful writing; beauty as makers and critics; understanding of the intangible and the spiritual.

Our major academic mission is focused on undergraduates majors, minors, and General Education but we also offer programs for continued study, research, and training in art, English, history, and music all leading to the master's degree. We offer an MFA in Art as well. In addition we offer programs and certificates with direct links to careers through these options: editing and publishing, interior design, music industry, musical theatre, public history, and recording arts.

HFA is as committed to the enrichment of those who are not our majors as those who are. Many of our classes form the foundation of the university's General Education program, and as such they include a cross- section of the entire student body. Our cultural offerings are open to students across the disciplines and often include both guest artists and community members. We also sponsor the London Semester each spring as an upper-division theme open to all students.

We also experiment at the frontiers of culture; originality and creativity guide the myriad ways we express and experience our humanity. Our School of the Arts symbolizes the distinctiveness of the arts within the university and the special opportunities and imperatives for collaboration within the College of HFA.