Information Resources plans and provides resources, training, and support for campus information and technology services. Information Resources covers the Meriam Library information resources and services; student, staff, and faculty technology support and instruction in using information and technology; student Web space, campus e-mail, and portal access; media services and online course services.

Information Technology & Computing Resources

The exchange of electronic information is an integral part of our academic experience at CSU, Chico. Students communicate with professors and their peers using e-mail, the Web, and groupware. Library research, course information, registration, your grades, your student records, and much more are available through the Chico State Connection (CSC) portal. Information on world and local events are found through the Internet. Class syllabi, quizzes, reviews, self tests, and many other learning activities are also available online.

The university assures all students access to the skills and equipment to join this electronic learning community. All students have access to free e-mail accounts and numerous computer labs. Training sessions on computer skills are provided, and both walk-in and phone help are available. The understanding of the nature and use of electronic information is addressed through the campus information literacy program.

Electronic Resources

CSU, Chico on the World Wide Web

Students access a host of important up-to-date campus information through the CSU, Chico home page,, or from the CSC portal at

If you are considering attending CSU, Chico, information on applications and admissions is available on the Chico State home page by clicking on Prospective Students.

The Chico State Connection (CSC) Portal

The Chico portal provides personalized campus information at one secure location. It provides students and faculty single sign-on access to the student information system, where students can add and drop classes, print unofficial transcripts, view your schedule of classes, financial aid information, and more. Another section showcases featured events and organizations. The portal also provides links to information about campus resources and student organizations.

The portal provides access to WebCT, our campus learning management system. Many faculty use WebCT to communicate with students and post syllabi, and use it as part of their instruction. Students have access to a calendar for all courses and personal use.

Students must be admitted or enrolled at CSU, Chico before you can use the portal. Information about initializing your portal account can be found on the Student Computing Web site at or by going to the helpdesk in Meriam Library.

Access the Chico portal at or click on the portal logo on the CSU, Chico Web page (

Wildcat E-Mail Accounts

CSU, Chico considers e-mail to be the official method for communicating university business with students. Each student is provided with a campus WildcatMail account. You are strongly urged to review the contents of your WildcatMail account on a frequent and regular basis. Critical notifications from the university related to enrollment, academic status, fees, holds, and financial aid will only be sent to students' WildcatMail account. Students who do not wish to use their WildcatMail account can forward messages from this account to an e-mail address used regularly.

For more information see the Student Computing Web page at

Internet Access and Resources

Wildcat Dial-up Access

Registered students who own computers, the proper connectivity, and software can access the campus computer network, library resources, and the Internet from their residences. New services are constantly being evaluated to provide the highest quality of connectivity available. For more information call Communications Network Services (CNS), 530-898-6868 or see


Communications Network Services (CNS) offers high-speed wireless Internet around Chico State's campus for a monthly charge. For more information, including how to sign up and a list of the growing coverage areas on campus, visit

Computer Labs

High-speed access to the Internet, e-mail, the CSC portal, and the Web is available

from nearly all computer labs on campus. See


High-speed Internet access is also available in student rooms in the networked residence halls (ResNet). For more information on the ResNet program, contact University Housing (800-730-4243) or browse

Computer Ownership

Having Your Own Computer

The use of personal computers is interwoven in the curriculum, and students benefit greatly by having frequent, convenient access to a computer. Faculty expect that students have ready access to e-mail, library resources, and the Internet from their residences. It is highly recommended that you have your own computer.

Computer Recommendations

Both PC and Macintosh computers are used on campus, although the majority of students use PCs. For specific recommendations see the computer ownership page on the Student Computing Web site at or contact the AS. ComputerWorks.

Purchasing Computers on Campus

The Associated Students ComputerWorks, located in the bookstore, sells computers and software products and offers advice on the appropriate system for any major. Special student savings are available on Macintosh and PC computers and Hewlett-Packard printers, plus software from Microsoft, Adobe, and others. They also offer considerable price breaks on Microsoft products, including MS Office.

The AS. ComputerWorks is an authorized Apple service center. Students attending or accepted to Chico State can take advantage of educational pricing and several computer loan programs. Stop by the AS. ComputerWorks, call 530-898-4447, or see

Computing Responsibilities

Acceptable Use Policy

Assuring that our campus computing and communications resources are used appropriately and legally is important to all of us. Access to these university facilities and resources is a privilege granted for educational use and legitimate university-related business.

Acceptable use of computing and communications resources at CSU, Chico includes:

Respect for the legal protections provided by copyright and license to programs and data as well as by university contractual agreements

Respect for the rights of others by complying with all university policies regarding intellectual property

Using accurate identification in all electronic communications to avoid deliberately misrepresenting any user's identity

All users should be aware of and have read the official university "Policy on Use of Computing and Communications Technology," EM 97-18,, as well as the California State University System 4CNet Acceptable Use Policy,

Information Security

As part of the campus community, you are expected to protect your own computer, data, and the university networks from viruses, hacking, system slowdowns, or information compromise through cautious and prudent computing practices. Information on current virus protection, system patches and upgrades, insecure applications, bandwidth usage, protecting confidential information, and more is available on the Student Computing Web page, and at

Computer Availability

Open Access Computer Labs

The university provides a number of computer labs open to all students. Most colleges and departments also offer computer labs to students majoring or taking course work in their areas. See

Computers in Residence Halls

Students in the networked residence halls (ResNet) are provided with high-speed network access (ethernet) to their computers. Additionally, computer labs are available for residents' use.

Electronic Information and Computing Help

General Computing Help

For help with computing, connectivity, Internet, and e-mail accounts, check the Student Computing Web page, stcp/ or call the help line at 530-898-4357.

Free Student Computer Training

Information Resources provides students with free training on many computer skills. Dates and times are posted in the public labs and at

Hardware Support

If you need hardware support, call the AS. ComputerWorks, 530-898-4447. As an authorized service center, it has a trained staff to help you with all your computing needs.

Telephone and Voice Mail

Telephone and voice mail service through Communications Network Services is available in on- and off-campus residences.

Billing is individual for each student, providing privacy and preventing abuse by others, and can be available the moment you move in. Call 530-898-6868 or go to cns for more information.

Information Literacy

Information literacy is more than knowing how to look up a book in the library catalog. It has been described as a new liberal art that extends from knowing how to use computers and access information to critical reflection on the information itself. CSU, Chico is committed to graduating information literate students who will succeed in the information economy and capitalize on their proficiency in their university studies, the work place, as informed citizens, and life-long learners.

The faculty, the university's first-year experience course (UNIV001C), and the library's Information Literacy Program ( work together to integrate information literacy into the curriculum and to give students additional opportunities to improve your skills through Web tutorials, workshops, pathfinders, and individual research consultations.

Technology and the Curriculum

Academic Technologies

Chico State is a leader in the use of learning management systems and video streaming technologies to deliver distance education over the Web.

Academic Technologies offers technical and artistic professional services to the campus community by assisting faculty, students, staff, and administration in the instructional use of media and technology. ATEC manages and supports classroom technology, the online learning management system (WebCT), online course development, graphic design and publishing, media development and distribution, multimedia design and production, computer imaging and animation, photography, and Web design.

Academic Technologies is located in the basement of the library. For more information call 530-898-6112 or go to

The Meriam Library

The Meriam Library's mission is to support the learning, teaching, and research needs of California State University, Chico students, faculty, and staff. The library also serves the community and the region with special collections, government documents, map collections, and through a policy of open access to its collections. In a typical week more than 34,581 people come to the library to research, study, and relax. We provide two computer labs with a broad selection of computer software, listening and viewing facilities for multi-media, a third-floor silent study area, and areas for group study.


The library collection exceeds 660,000 books, 13,000 electronic and print journal and periodical subscriptions, and 700,000 government documents. There is also an extensive map collection and a curriculum/juvenile collection offering books and materials for teacher education. In our Special Collections, users can find materials related to the history and development of Chico and the 12 northeastern counties of California. More than 5,000 historic photographs are online at

Library Electronic Resources

The ReSEARCH Station serves as the gateway to all of the collections and is the starting point for most research ( library). You can access more than 30 Web- based periodical indices, online full text periodicals, e-books, a full array of electronic reference tools, and links to electronic government documents, online research assistance and tools to help you learn to use electronic information. You can access the ReSEARCH station from anywhere using any common Internet browser.

Library Services

The library staff is committed to facilitating access to, and the use of, collections and to promoting information literacy. Librarians are available to answer questions at the reference desk during most of the library's service hours, and online reference assistance is also available 24/7. Librarians also teach classes on how to conduct research or use specific resources. In addition, students can access ChicoRIO, a Web-based self-paced research tutorial, and attend drop-in workshops to help improve research skills.

Other services include Interlibrary Loan, where you can obtain books and articles the library does not own; a full service copy center; and Limited Loan, where you can access books professors have placed on reserve or view videos and multimedia. For further information call 530-898-5834.