The Course Link program is designed for first- year students to assist with a smooth entry into university life. The major benefit of Course Link is that it allows you access to a block of three courses required for first-year students. In addition, the program creates the possibility for a collaborative learning community.

The goals of this program are
  • to enhance your first-year academic life through academic and social activities;
  • to provide increased opportunities for collaborative learning and studying with other Course Link students;
  • to provide a better sense of community and belonging; and
  • to increase your opportunities to share and discuss ideas.

The Course Link program provides a block of three courses you will need for graduation. In some cases, a Course Link is designed around a theme or for a specific population or major. Approximately thirty Course Links are offered each fall semester.

The Course Link program has been developed to enhance academic life for first-year students in several ways. Each block of courses accommodates twenty-five students. Participants therefore are part of an instant "community" with twenty- four other students who are sharing three courses and many of the same academic experiences. This community allows collaborative learning and studying, increased opportunities to share and discuss ideas, and the possibility of integrated social and academic activities.

Getting to know the other students in your classes gives you an edge — it makes it easier to form study groups and share lecture notes, and makes it more comfortable to participate and ask questions in class. It's also easier to make friends with people who are going through the same experiences as you.

Registration in a Course Link does not necessarily mean, however, that you will spend your first semester with only the twenty-four other students in your block. Frequently, your group of twenty-five will be part of a larger class which includes one or more additional groups of twenty-five students. In this way, you will enjoy the benefits both of the more intimate community of the twenty-four students who will share several classes with you in your Course Link and the opportunity to meet many other students as well.

What the Students Say

Students who have participated in the Course Link program during its first several years have found that it eased their transition to college life. Typical comments have been:

"It wasn"t difficult to speak in front of the class because I knew everyone."

"Joining Course Link my first semester helped me establish an academic and social base."

How to Register

Specific registration information, as well as information on the Course Links currently available, can be found on the Chico Web in The Class Schedule. In addition, new students who attend Summer Orientation will receive complete information and special assistance with registration for the Course Link program.