The CSU, Chico Catalog has been prepared by the University Catalog Committee. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive, accurate, useful and pleasing catalog, which fully describes the academic programs, policies, regulations, and requirements of the university. We request that omissions and inaccuracies be brought to the attention of its editor as well as suggestions and comments on the presentation.

The members of the Catalog Committee are
James W. Jessee, Chair and Catalog Editor
Amanda L. Mahoney, Associate Catalog Editor
Spencer J. Bolich, Academic Advising Program
Kathryn Barth, Articulation Officer
Carol Berg, Office of the President
Steve Dubey, Associated Students Bookstore
Bitsy Wagner, Office of the Provost
Casey Huff, University Publications Office
Carolynn Reynolds, School of Education
Gwen Rust, Graduate School
John Swiney, Enrollment Management
Jeff Teeter, Instructional Media Center
Claudia Vinsonhaler, Academic Publications
Mimi VonRotz, Academic Advising Programs
Joe Wills, University Publications Officer
Marilyn Winzenz, Office of the Provost

The Committee wishes to acknowledge the special contributions of the following:

Art Direction and Graphic Design:
Gregg Berryman

Photography Direction:
Jeff Teeter
Image Production:
Tony Dunn, Brad Elliot, Paul Maslin, Sarah Oliver, Skip Reager, Davin Schreindl, Jeff Teeter
Major Digital Image Editing:
Sarah Oliver

Editorial Services:
Casey Huff, University Publications
Carol Berg, Office of the President
Amanda L. Mahoney, Academic Publications
Claudia Vinsonhaler, Academic Publications

Curriculum, Clerical, and Technical Services:
College deans and administrative analysts
Department chairs and secretaries
Dwight Holman, Academic Publications
Richard Houchin, Academic Publications
Matthias Lathe, Academic Publications
Amanda L. Mahoney, Academic Publications
Nitin Pophale, Academic Publications
Dominique Ralph, Academic Publications
Roy Steves, Academic Publications
Claudia Vinsonhaler, Academic Publications
Bitsy Wagner, Office of the Provost
Pennie Morejohn, University Printing Services
Chris Ficken, Instructional Media Center
Laura Kling, Instructional Media Center

CD Catalog packaging, multimedia menu and technical assistance:
Jonathan W. Knolle, Learning Change

Web and Academic Planning Guides Design and Development:
Earl W. Jessee, Instructional Media Center

Publication Services:
The Associated Students Bookstore and Von Hoffman Corporation, Owensville, MO
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