Course Requirements for the Minor: 20-21 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this minor.

3 courses required:
CDES101Introduction to Communication3.0FS
CDES102Principles of Comm Design3.0FS
CDES307Technology and Communication3.0FS
Prerequisites: CDES 102. 4 courses selected from:
CDES103Writing for Electronic Media3.0FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 130.
CDES141Media Aesthetics3.0FS
CDES206Intro Photo Com & Dig Imaging3.0FS
CDES241North American Cinema3.0SP
CDES242History of Documentary Film3.0FA
CDES261Found of Electronic Media3.0FS
CDES281Print as Digital Output Medium3.0FS
CDES315Electronic Media Economics3.0FA
Prerequisites: CDES 261 (with a grade of C or higher) or faculty permission.
CDES331History of Graphic Design3.0SP
CDES341American Radio and Television3.0SP
Prerequisites: Junior standing, CDES 103, CDES 206, CDES 216; CDES 141, CDES 261 (both with a grade of C or better); faculty permission.
CDES362Media Performance3.0FA
Prerequisites: CDES 103, CDES 216.
CDES363Broadcast News3.0FS
Prerequisites: CDES 103, CDES 216.
CDES368Public Affairs Programming3.0FA
Prerequisites: CDES 103, CDES 216; CDES 261 (with a grade of C or higher).