The Certificate in Geographic Information Systems Technologies provides students with a foundation in geographical technology and information science with hands-on use of the latest software tools.

The Certificate in Rural and Town Planning is valuable to our majors and other students who wish to prepare themselves for careers in planning and related fields such as environmental consulting and rural economic development.

The Environmental Studies Minor provides interdisciplinary investigation into critical environmental issues of our times. The Minor is appropriate for all majors seeking to increase environmental literacy in their chosen fields.

The Geography Minor is of value to students majoring in the sciences, recreation, economics, business, geology, social sciences, and to those seeking teaching credentials.

The Minor in Planning and Development is attractive to students in public administration, political science, business, engineering, recreation and economics that wish to pursue a career in planning.

Faculty and Facilities

The faculty and staff are committed to involving students in technical innovations in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), cartography, and remote sensing. Excellence in writing and communication is emphasized as well. The faculty conduct lecture courses in multimedia classrooms and supplement their classes with field trips, community research, internships, and public service. The diverse geography and resources of Northern California provide a valuable laboratory in which to learn geographic and planning concepts and processes.

Career Outlook

Given its emphasis on global literacy, environment and technology, geography is a widely recognized growth field. Geography and planning students may choose from several subjects and skills to prepare for careers in public and private sectors. Geographers and planners bring valuable expertise to water resources, cartography, transportation studies, land management, recreation, environmental restoration and economic development. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have many applications in environmental management, planning, agriculture, the social sciences and business. Many graduates of our program have found teaching positions in elementary schools, community colleges, and universities.