Course Requirements for the Minor: 12-28 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this minor.

This minor can be completed with a minimum of 12 upper-division units.

Language Competence Prerequisite: 0-16 units

Only upper-division Italian courses count toward the Italian minor. The prerequisite for all upper-division Italian courses is ITAL 202 (Fourth-Semester Italian) or its equivalent language competence. Students with little or no previous language preparation or competence must complete some or all of the following courses.

0-4 courses required:
ITAL101First-Semester Italian4.0FS *
ITAL102Second-Semester Italian4.0FS *
Prerequisites: ITAL 101 or equivalent.
ITAL201Third-Semester Italian4.0FS *
Prerequisites: ITAL 102 or equivalent.
ITAL202Fourth-Semester Italian4.0FS *
Prerequisites: ITAL 201 or equivalent.

NOTE: Some or all of these courses may be waived by the Department through demonstrated language competence or high school or community college study. Students with one year of high school Italian should enroll in ITAL 102; two years: ITAL 201; three years: ITAL 202. Please consult the department for proper level of placement.

Upper-Division Requirements: 12 units

12 units selected from:

Any upper-division Italian (ITAL) courses, with a minimum of two upper-division courses or 6 upper-division units taught in Italian.