Course Requirements for the Single Subject Teaching Credential: 31-47 units

In most majors, candidates for this credential will normally fulfill the single subject matter preparation program by completing the appropriate education option in the major. Any exceptions to this procedure are noted at the end of this section. In addition to the single subject matter preparation program, completion of an additional professional education program is required to qualify for a California teaching credential. Professional education (credential) programs are available through the School of Education. For prerequisites and other admission requirements to professional education programs, see the "Education" chapter of this catalog.

Your departmental credential adviser is responsible for verifying that the subject matter preparation program has been completed. If you are interested in obtaining a teaching credential, confer with the appropriate credential adviser early in your university career. Department credential advisers can assist you in planning an educational program that meets both major and credential requirements.

Subject matter preparation requirements are governed by federal and state legislative action and approval of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Requirements may change between catalogs. Please consult with your departmental credential adviser for current information.

To satisfy the requirements for the Credential, students must complete the Bachelor of Arts Program in German plus 6 units. The two courses listed below are required in addition for the credential.

GERM325Linguistics of Modern German3.0Inq
Prerequisites: GERM 202 or equivalent.
GERM330German Culture & Civilization3.0Inq
Prerequisites: GERM 202 or equivalent.

Criteria for Assessment of Subject Matter Competence

To receive department recommendation for the Single Subject Matter Preparation Program, a student must have a minimum 3.0 average in upper-division course work. GPA will be calculated on the upper-division courses which are required for the German major.

Procedure for Assessment of Subject Matter Competence

If the minimum criteria listed above are met, the student's records will be circulated among all German faculty for comment.

After evaluating the faculty recommendations, the Teacher Education Committee will determine the subject matter competence and teaching potential for entering the Professional Education Program.

State of California foreign language requirements for high school graduates make it necessary that we closely review candidates. Therefore, determination of subject matter competence may entail an interview in the target language.

Candidates are urged to submit their records for subject matter assessment to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures well in advance of the Department of Education's deadline for applications to the Professional Education Program.