CSU, Chico’s Strategic Plan for the Future

"Today Decides Tomorrow" reads the inscription above the doors of Kendall Hall at the CSU, Chico campus. It is the motto of a university that focuses on the future while carrying forward the best of its past.

In this extract from the The Strategic Plan for the Future of CSU, Chico , the full text of which is available on the CSU, Chico Web, we share our vision of that future. We highlight the actions we propose to take today so that tomorrow we may find ourselves in that envisioned future. The Plan is a "work in progress" and represents one phase in our ongoing efforts to position CSU, Chico to meet changing and often elusive internal and external challenges.

The Strategic Plan for the Future of CSU, Chico contains both our vision of the kind of institution we hope CSU, Chico can become and a set of reasonable steps to take in getting there. Our first priority is our students.

Our Vision

California State University, Chico sees its unique residential situation as an opportunity to create an intensive, high quality learning environment. We are able to create a vital and collaborative community of active and involved students. We have a well-respected and caring faculty, a superior support staff, and innovative leadership together with cutting-edge learning and information resources–all placed within a beautiful and engaging physical environment. In such an enriched community, we hope to stimulate intellectual rigor, moral development, and creative accomplishment and to evoke callings to imaginative citizenship in the world beyond the University. We aspire to be the university of choice for all those seeking these strengths.

Our Mission

California State University, Chico is a comprehensive university serving Northern California and other regions of the state, as well as the nation and the world, through instruction, research, and public service.

Our first priority is the education of our students by creating and maintaining selected quality undergraduate and graduate programs. We will be known for the purposeful integration of liberal and applied learning that provides our students with the knowledge, skills, and moral and intellectual virtues that form the basis for life-long learning and contribution.

We affirm the importance of scholarship and public service. We support the exploration of the frontiers of knowledge, the integration of ideas, the connecting of thought to action, and the inspiring of students.

We make the results of these academic efforts available for public scrutiny by all our constituents. We will maintain extensive continuing education and public service programs that serve the needs of our varied constituencies.

We stand for academic freedom, the exploration of the frontiers of knowledge, and a strong sense of intellectual community characterized by reason, respect, civility, and openness of expression.

We share a commitment to academic excellence and will communicate high expectations to our students.

We seek the purposeful integration of liberal and applied learning and the provision of full access and equal opportunity for all our students to the knowledge, skills, and habits that form the basis for life-long learning, civic engagement, and enlightened service in a diverse society and the global community.

We promote active learning, curiosity, and the recognition that learning occurs in our classrooms, studios, and laboratories, and beyond, through the co-curricular experience, service engagements, social interactions, and other expressions of a full and healthy student environment.

We teach not only with the command of our disciplines, but with the force of personal example, enabling us to transmit knowledge effectively through integrity, intellectual honesty, kindness, and enthusiasm.

We emphasize both the quality and the spirit of services to our students, employing "studentfriendly" policies and practices that foster student achievement and progress to degree.

We acknowledge not only the obligation of service, but also the value of service to others in defining institutional character and measuring institutional performance.

We hold dear the values of multicultural respect, awareness, and understanding and we pursue diversity not just as an idea to embrace, but as a community to form.

We aim to be a community connected in our conversations, confident in our strengths, and intentional in our aspirations.

We celebrate a distinctive institutional culture through a keen sense of place, a deep respect for our natural environment, an orientation to the principles and practices of sustainability, and the use of the campus’s entire physical environment to promote the University’s goals.

We appreciate the loyalty and achievements of our alumni and retired faculty and staff and the importance of a strong alumni organization to keep alumni informed and engaged with their alma mater.

We affirm that we are "One University" where collaboration, mutual support and trust, and common goals define our work together and the spirit of its engagement.

1 Believing in the primacy of student learning, we will continue to develop high quality learning environments both in and outside of the classroom.

With one of the highest graduation rates in the CSU system, our residential campus has, for many years, attracted and retained students who report high levels of satisfaction with the quality of life they can create while they are students. Opportunities for intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth abound, not only for students, but also for faculty, staff, and the community. Our commitment to education as a way of life, both in and outside of the classroom, and our commitment to developing "systems of learning assessment that enable students to demonstrate learning in both courses and programs" (The Cornerstones Report, Principle 1b, page 6) remain our highest priorities.

2 Believing in the importance of faculty and staff, and their role in student success, we will continue to invest in faculty and staff development.

CSU, Chico and the CSU recognize that "faculty scholarship, research and creative activity are essential components of. . . its primary mission" (The Cornerstones Report, Principle 4, p. 8). To that end, we seek to create a community of faculty and staff dedicated to the creation of high quality learning environments in and outside of the classroom.

3 Believing in the value of the wise use of new technologies in learning and teaching, we will continue to provide the technology, the related training, and the support needed to create high quality learning environments both in and outside of the classroom.

CSU, Chico, a pioneer in distance education and a leader in information and instructional technology, has a history of offering faculty, staff, and students up-to-date curriculum, equipment, and technological services. It also has an excellent record of partnerships with corporate leaders that enrich the learning environment and open career doors for students.

4 Believing in the value of service to others, we will continue to serve the educational, cultural, and economic needs of Northern California.

CSU, Chico, an anchor institution in Northern California, has an outstanding record of collaboration with community and regional partners in education and business. We are also known for our contributions to the fine and performing arts and our long history of service to the community.

5 Believing that we are accountable to the people of the State of California, we will continue to diversify our sources of revenue and manage the resources entrusted to us.

CSU, Chico "acknowledges, ensures, and documents that it is fully accountable to the people of the State of California" (The Cornerstones Report, Principle 7a, p. 15) by identifying performance goals and indicators to help build high quality curricula, facilities, personnel, University relations, and a sound financial plan.

6 Believing that each generation owes something to those which follow, we will create environmentally literate citizens who embrace sustainability as a way of living. We will be wise stewards of scarce resources and, in seeking to develop the whole person, be aware that our individual and collective actions have economic, social, and environmental consequences locally, regionally, and globally.

A hallmark of Chico State is the beautiful and inviting physical environment of our campus. We will become an environmentally engaged university, seeking to elevate our collective consciousness about the environment, recognizing our responsibilities to steward the inherited and created assets of our region, while articulating these values for the wider audiences we reach. We will make Chico State the distinctive "green" campus in California and become a national leader in environmental education, science, and public policy analysis; the building of environmentally responsible facilities; and practicing sustainability principles.