The College of Business is dedicated to educating men and women for professional positions in business, government, and nonprofit organizations. The thrust of the College is to build upon a liberal arts foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth.

The undergraduate program is primarily an upper-division curriculum in which about half of the work is in the humanities, behavioral sciences, and mathematics, and the remainder in business and economics.

Core and option programs are designed to prepare students to become professionals. They equip students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to understand and cope with complex, changing, and increasingly global business environments. Individual courses promote recognition of potential problems, foster creative problem-solving, and provide analytical and conceptual skills. Supportive and cooperative learning environments allow students to strengthen their interpersonal and communication skills.

Faculty and Facilities

Members of our faculty earned doctorates at our nation’s finest universities, including Harvard, Penn State, Chicago, and Northwestern in the East, UCLA, Arizona, and USC in the West. Many of our faculty have combined their scholarly training with business experience through industry employment or extensive consulting work with major corporations. This combination of in-depth training and business experience translates into state-of- the-art instruction.

The College has its own technology learning centers, allowing full integration of technology into our curriculum. In addition, the centers allow the faculty to make extensive use of the management simulation approach to learning.

The quality of both our faculty and our facilities has been recognized by the AACSB International which has accredited both our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Student Advising and Information

The College offers advising and information services for both undergraduates and graduates in centralized offices in Glenn Hall. These offices will help you plan a course of study once you are here. They also assist prospective, new, and transfer students with transfer course credit issues.

Please visit the following:

Graduate Programs Office

Glenn Hall 121



Business Undergraduate Advising Office

Glenn Hall 325



Advising Coordinator: Amy Lance

Office Coordinator: Jeanne Angle

Business Resource Center

The College of Business, through its Business Resource Center (BRC), engages in various recruitment, retention, graduation, and placement activities to support its diverse student population. Please call, write, e-mail, or visit the BRC office.

Business Resource Center

Glenn Hall 206



Director: Oscar Haro