The Minor in Japanese

Course Requirements for the Minor: 20-28 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this minor.

This minor can be completed with a minimum of 20 units.

Beginning Language Competency Requirement: 0-8 units

In order to enroll in intermediate and upper-division Japanese language courses, students must take JAPN 101 and JAPN 102 or prove equivalent knowledge (see details below on Placement Exam).

Intermediate Language Competency Requirement: 8 units

2 courses required:

JAPN 201 Third-Semester Japanese 4.0 FS *
Prerequisites: JAPN 102 or faculty permission.
JAPN 202 Fourth-Semester Japanese 4.0 FS *
Prerequisites: JAPN 201 or faculty permission.

JAPN 201 and JAPN 202 are a required component of the Minor in Japanese. However, students who have equivalent knowledge in Japanese may challenge these courses by enrolling in the class and taking the challenge exam. All students challenging a course must submit an official letter requesting to challenge the course to the department chair by the end of the second week of the semester. See the University Catalog section on challenging courses for further instructions.

Upper-Division Requirements: 12 units

12 units selected from:

JAPN 301 Advanced Writing and Reading 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: JAPN 201.
JAPN 305 Conversational Japanese 3.0 FS
JAPN 320 Japanese Linguistics 3.0 FS
JAPN 330 Japanese Culture & Civ 3.0 FS NW
JAPN 381 Japan in Film 3.0 FS
JAPN 425 Japanese Teaching 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: JAPN 202 or faculty permission.

Japanese Language Placement Exam

The Japanese language placement exam is taken to assess the placement level and to place students at the most appropriate level in the curriculum of the Japanese program at CSU, Chico. Students who are native or heritage speakers of Japanese, and those students who took Japanese elsewhere, including CSU, Chico students who participated in exchange programs and study abroad, are required to meet with the program advisor and take this exam.

Exit Assessment

Students are required to take and pass the Japanese language proficiency test and complete the exit program survey before the Minor in Japanese is granted. Students are required to meet with the program advisor before graduation to take this examination. The test and survey provide an important set of information for the program to further refine the quality of curriculum and to better serve the students.