The Department of Music offers excellent curricular programs and opportunities for a variety of career objectives. Students take a core of classes intended to give them a basic understanding of music theory, history, ear training, keyboard proficiencies, and technologies. The degree options allow students to choose areas of specialization.

is a comprehensive program for students planning careers in music education for grades K–12. The Single Subject Credential in Music is part of our dynamic music education program.

The option in performance is offered in three patterns: instrumental, vocal, and keyboard. Studio (private) instruction is available in voice, band/orchestra instruments, piano, harpsichord, organ, and guitar. Students who qualify for this option are required to perform in appropriate ensembles/productions and perform a senior recital.

The option in composition provides students with the theoretical and practical skills to compose and arrange music. The curriculum is flexible and allows students to have one-on-one instruction with faculty.

The option in general music is a flexible program designed to serve students desiring to study music as the focus of a broadly based liberal arts education.

The option in music industry prepares students for the many challenging opportunities in the vast music industry. Courses in business and music are designed to give students the knowledge and skills needed in the commercial music industry, entrepeneurial development, and positions in the public art sector.

The option in recording arts is designed to offer enhanced career opportunities in the recording, sound reinforcement, performance audio, and entertainment industries. Students in this option receive intensive, hands-on instruction and experience utilizing state-of-the-art electronic equipment and labs.

The certificate in keyboard pedagogy is a specialized course of study intended for those who will teach private or group piano lessons.

The certificate in vocal performance and pedagogy is a specialized course of study for those whose career goals include either vocal performance or teaching.

The master of arts in music is an excellent master’s program which is very flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of each student.

Entrance Requirements

Assuming all other university requirements are satisfied, students must audition/interview prior to acceptance into the program. These auditions/interviews are conducted the week prior to the beginning of classes each semester. This requirement applies to all entering freshmen, transfer students, and master’s degree students.


The music department is located in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). The PAC has excellent mediated classrooms, practice rooms, large rehearsal rooms, performance halls, a music library, an excellent recording studio, electronic music studios, labs, and computer rooms.

Career Opportunities

For students interested in pursuing a master’s degree either at CSU, Chico or other major universities, the programs and course offerings within the music department offer excellent preparation.

Music education careers are available both in California and throughout the country. Credentialing programs at CSU, Chico are outstanding.

The number and diversity of opportunities in technology-related fields expand each year–ideal for students interested in the Recording Arts and Music Industry options.