Begin your journey with a strong stride and a curious, open mind.

When you choose a path, remember that it can be traveled in both directions, and that forks in the road are opportunities to refine or redirect your journey. Don't be afraid to explore the new, the unknown -- for around the corner you may find a cause to renew your motivation to press onward. Find what impassions you, and reason your way to the logical end of your desires.

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Knowledge Nurtures Growth
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You will suddenly rec-
ognize your own path
when you come upon it,
becauser you will sud-
denly have all the energy
and imagination you will
ever need.

-Jerry Gillies

Teachers open the door,
but you must enter by

-Chinese Proverb

The place where you
lose the trail is not
necessarily the place
where it ends.

-Tom Brown, Jr.
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