The Certificate in Gerontology

A student enrolled in the Gerontology Certificate Program must be accepted for University admission and must complete required course work as outlined below. It is not necessary to complete the requirements for a bachelor's degree in order to receive the Certificate in Gerontology. With the permission of the certificate advisor, students may substitute an internship offered by another department for HCSV 389. An overall grade point average of 2.5 is required for the certificate.

Course Requirements for the Certificate: 21 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this certificate.

7 courses required:

HCSV 328 Multicultural Health 3.0 FS USD

This course is also offered as MCGS 328.

HCSV 389 Community Services: Supervision 1.0 -3.0 FS
Prerequisites: Faculty permission.

HCSV 389 must be taken for 3 units.

HCSV 443 Social Gerontology 3.0 SP
HCSV 541 Health in the Later Years 3.0 FA
PSYC 354 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging 3.0 FA
RECR 360 Therapeutic Recreation Activities for Older Adults 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in or prior completion of RECR 200, or faculty permission.
SWRK 474 Policy and Programs for Older Adults 3.0 SP

Appropriate course substitutions of equivalents or waivers may be granted by the Gerontology program advisor. Please consult the advisor regarding specifics.