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Maria Sudduth, M.A.

M.A. - California State University, Chico
B.A. - California State University, Chico

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Ms. Sudduth currently serves as a Lecturer in the Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies and Co-Director of the California State University, Chico Teacher Recruitment Project (TRP). She has taught at CSU, Chico for the past three academic years.

Maria Sudduth is a proud alumnus of the CSU, Chico Bilingual Crosscultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) credential program (1992). Upon receipt of her credential, Ms. Sudduth began teaching for the Corning Union Elementary School District. Her teaching focus has been providing equal access to the curriculum for English Learners. To that end, Ms. Sudduth co-developed a multi-age program (MAG) that created a bilingual community of four teachers working with native English and Spanish speaking students. Students were grouped in a grade three-five configuration and remained with their teachers throughout their three-year experience. Each class integrated language groups to allow for maintenance of primary language, successful transitioning to academic language instruction in English, and exposure to Hispanic language and culture.

Ms. Sudduth earned her MA in Education in 2003. Her thesis project was The Harry Potter Project: Equal Access to Quality Literature Experiences for the English Learner. This project identified, and provided suggestions for implementing, reading comprehension strategies to create meaningful literature experiences for participating English Learners.

Ms. Sudduth currently teaches university courses in the undergraduate and Bilingual Professional Preparation Program (BPPP), and supervises bilingual student teachers at their school sites. Her work with TRP involves extensive outreach to high school, community college, and CSU, Chico students from underrepresented groups who aspire to be teachers. She is also providing consultative services to the Corning Union and other school districts relative to implementing improved instructional practices for English Learners. She finds these varied responsibilities extremely rewarding as she strives to impart the passion and pedagogy for teaching that will sustain her students as they enter a profession where they can truly make a difference in the lives of those they serve.


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