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Project Abstract
The CSU Chico Teacher Recruitment Program (TRP) offers academic assistance to students interested in the teaching profession with a focus on Math and Science.  Services provided by the program include, but are not limited to: 

  •  academic advising on campus and at community college
  •  use of computer lab facilities
  •  CBEST workshops
  •  RICA workshops
  •  individualized tutoring as needed by students for CBEST & RICA 
  •  scholarships
  •  campus tours
  •  opportunities and stipends for early classroom experiences
  •  presentations to student groups, support services personnel, community college about services available through TRP and other teaching-related issues

TDP also provides information and assistance to high school students and transfer students from the local community colleges, ensuring a smooth transition to the university. 

For More Information Call:
Center for Bilingual/Multicultural Studies Siskiyou 128B

Phone: 898-4026

Major Project Accomplishments to Date

Student Meetings
Two meeting per semester; attendance to one is required.  These meetings provide: 

  •  professional and programmatic information 
  •  an opportunity to meet other students with similar interests 
  •  guest speakers on student support services, financial aid, education-related job opportunities on campus, credential information, subject matter projects, and professional organizations 

Collaboration with Bilingual Teacher Recruitment Program
(CSU Chancellor’s Office Bilingual Teacher Recruitment Program Grant awarded to the Colusa County Office of Education and CSU Chico)

  •   assisted in the recruitment of participants
  •   provided ongoing advising for participants
  •   enhanced existing operating procedures 
CBEST Workshops
  •  two workshops per semester 
  •  develop test taking strategies 
  •  teach and/or clarify concepts being tested 
  •  workshop offered at community college campus
  • workshops.html

Computer Lab 

  •  lab technician hired to open lab in the evenings 

CSU Chico Shadow Day (in collaboration with Migrant Education) 
Purpose:  to provide an opportunity for migrant students to be exposed to positive role models and to increase their awareness of college life. 

  •  academic advising
  •  arrangement of speakers, volunteers, campus tours, and facilities reservations 

CSU Chico Parent's Day (in collaboration with Migrant Education)
Purpose:  to acquaint migrant parents with the university and college life so they can support their children’s education after high school

  •  presentations to parents
  •  arrangement of speakers, campus tours, volunteers, and facilities reservations

RICA Workshops

  •  develop test taking strategies
  •  organized content into the 4 domains
  •  practice multiple choice questions and analysis
  •  practice writing case studies
  •  review of strategies and assessment instruments 
  •  group discussions of answers and their rationale

Participant Comments

  "I wouldn't be getting my credential this year without the support and encouragement from TDP."

  "If TDP had not offered the CBEST workshops, it would have taken me many tries to pass it."

  "TDP has given me an opportunity to meet other people and access the computer."

  "I met people on Shadow Day and received help with CBEST. There are opportunities for scholarships and the information at our TDP meetings is very helpful. I also get to dance for Parents’ Day and Shadow Day."

Program Participants
Number who have received credentials to date:  149 

Number, Gender, and Ethnicity of Current (1999-2000) Participants

African American 6 5 11 
Asian 16 7 23 
Caucasian  2
East Indian  2
Latino 65 30  95 
Middle Eastern  2
Native American 
Pacific Islander 1 2
TOTAL 97 50 147 

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