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ARE YOU LOOKING TO JOIN THE CCLC FAMILY?  Here is some information for you!

Go beyond the possibilities and into the EXTRAORDINARY! The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center is looking for ambitious, passionate, and courageous students willing to take the challenge and leap into the extraordinary world of possibilities! If you have the drive and the passion, we can teach you the skills! Join the CCLC Family next academic school year 2015-2016 as we continue the Legacy of the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center.

Chain Poster for Recruitment

Why be a part of the CCLC Family?
The CCLC is more than just a space where people come to hang out or a place for students to work to put on programs. It is a place of POSSIBILITIES. Imagine the possibilities when there is nothing standing in your way. What can you do? What impact do you want to have? What is going to be your legacy when you leave Chico? The CCLC is here to help you develop your leadership skills and give you the opportunity to think of the impossible and make them possible.

**Marketing Intern applicants will not be required to attend group interviews, but will be required to provide a portfolio of current and past marketing materials.


Application Process:

  1. Submit all applications by March 26, 2015 to the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center located in Meriam Library 172 (across from the BMU Marketplace).
  2. Sign up for an all-day group interview on Friday, May 8, 2015.  All applicants will have an opportunity to participate in the group interview day.
    • Group interviews are an opportunity for the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center to see the various skills and abilities through different interactive activities.
  3. After group interviews, a select group will be chosen for individual interviews.
  4. Once individual interviews have been completed, all applicants will be notified of their status as an applicant.

Position Details and Applications:

Paraprofessional: Job Description | Application

Inclusion Coordinator: Job Description | Application

Marketing Intern: Job Description | Application

Intern: Job Description | Application


The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC) exists to create an environment in which all students, regardless of their ethnicity, culture or differences, feel respected, connected and affirmed. Through leadership development, cultural awareness, community education and the creation of a constructive social change, the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center contributes a positive, enriching and memorable life experience to every student of California State University Chico and its surrounding community.

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Your ROLE:

The student leadership staff of the CCLC plays a critical role in fulfilling the mission of the center. Both Front Desk Attendants and Paraprofessionals work together to create an inclusive and safe environment for students through honest discussions and the implementation of leadership and diversity related programs and initiatives. It is truly a transformational experience that allows students the opportunity to make a positive impact on our campus and create positive change for future generations. We invite all students who are passionate and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others through diversity and leadership to apply!

For more information, please contact Katie Peterson at and/or attend one of two Staff Selection Information Sessions occurring in the CCLC.

Important Dates:

  • March 2:  Applications are available in Meriam Library 172
  • Staff Selection Information Sessions are in MLIB 172:
    • March 4, 12pm-1pm
    • March 10, 6:30pm-7:30pm
    • March 13, 10am - 11am
    • March 24, 12pm-1pm 

*Attendance to one session is strongly encouraged

      • March 26:  Staff Application due in the CCLC (MLIB 172) by 5:00pm
      • April 6-10:  Individual interviews
        1. Candidates will be called to arrange for an individual interview
        2. A complete application must be received by the CCLC in order to be eligible for an interview
      • April 3, 8:00 am:Mandatory Group Interview
    1. Description: The Group Interview is a unique opportunity for students to participate in a variety of interactive students to interview that allows the interviewee to tangibly demonstrate their skills, talents and personality within a group context.
  • Position begins August 5, 2013 (with possible opportunity to work Summer 2013)
  • For more information, please contact Katie Peterson at