10 Year Anniversary

10yr anniversary logo

Celebrating the legacy of the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center!

Open House

The CCLC Open House was a showcase of the phenomenal transformational experiences and impact at Chico State. It was designed to help folks reminisce on the past, experience the present, and envision the future.

10 Year Anniversary Gala

The Open House led into an incredible night of celebration, the CCLC 10 Year Anniversary Gala which helped to celebrate the 10 year legacy of Transforming Lives & Building Communities. The CCLC has always focused on family and creating true change by touching the hearts and minds of all those around us. The impact of this, is that the Center has a lot of family and friends who love and support our mission to create transformational change on campus and in the community. The Gala helped bring in the past and present CCLC support, to help envision an even more impactful future ahead of us.

Legacy Brunch

The final event of the CCLC Anniversary Weekend was designed to specifically celebrate the past CCLC staff members who have dedicated a part of their academic career to creating change at Chico State. The Legacy Brunch brought back all former and current staff members who have created the legacy that is known as the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center, since its founding, in 2007. This year marked 10 years of creating a home away from home, changing hearts and minds, and empowering people to believe in the power of their story and their voice.