Carter Scholars Leadership Team

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What Is It?

The Carter Scholars Leadership Team is a two-semester commitment dedicated to promoting and building up the Black/African American community on Chico States campus. This is a program in partnership with faculty, staff and community members who identify within the Black/African American community and want to invest in the success and retention of the community by creating supportive spaces for students to navigate academics and life barriers that come in the way of individual goals. 

Who Is It For?

Currently enrolled Chico State students who identify within the Black/African American community. All intersectional identities within the Black community are welcome, including bi-racial, multiracial, LGBTQ+, all experiences are invited to apply. 

What Will I Do?

During the Fall semester you will be attending bi-monthly meeting with the Carter Scholars Leadership Cohort starting Friday, September 22- Sunday, September 24 which will be a full weekend experience. This is a REQUIREDcomponent of the experience. Starting Sunday, October 1st 5PM-7PM you will connect to discuss specific topics impacting the Black/African American community and prepare you for the launch of the spring semester Carter Scholars program. The latter half of the circle is dedicated to providing academic support, study time and accountability. Food is provided at all meetings. 

In the Spring semester you will serve as a facilitator for the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center Black/African American Summit at Shady Creek in Nevada City, CA on February 17 & 18th. Carter Scholars Leadership Team will also facilitate once a month brother/sister schools and attend Freedom schools once a month which are for the community by the community educational empowerment opportunities. Additionally the leadership team will host study sessions and informal discussion circles within the CCLC during the spring semester. The leadership Team will be paid for 10 hours a month during the spring semester for their contribution to these programs. 

What Will I Get Out of Joining?

Support. Community EMPOWERMENTFamily. Personal Growth. Transformational Experience. Mentor. Culturally- Relevant Leadership Skills.

Successful applicants will receive a paid work-study position earning 10 hours a month during the spring semester. 

Application Process:

If you are interested in applying to the program, please complete the application on Wildcat Sync. Upon completing the application, you will need to come into MLIB 172 to set up an conversational interview during the week of September 11, 2017.  


Carter Scholars Leadership Team is a commitment. Participants within the program are expected to attend a Bi-monthly meeting, Sundays at 5pm-8pm. This time is set for the entire academic year, both fall and spring semester. You are expected to attend the Orientation all day experience, Sunday Sept. 24th. All cost and transportation covered. Facilitate a family group for the Black/African American Summit on February 17th & February 18th and attend Friday trainings from 3PM-5PM starting February 2nd leading up to the Summit.  

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