iLEAD Leadership Retreat

The Chaos From Our Lens


February 28th

BMU 208


In a world of misunderstandings, assumptions, and stereotypes rue change comes in finding courage, building community and leading with heart.
 Join the CCLC for an opportunity to engage in conversations that attempt to tackle the root of systematic oppression.



 iLEAD Leadership Retreat aims to equip students with the self-awareness and action-orientated knowledge and resources to empower their communities, influence their future career fields and initiate solution-oriented movements to result in making the world a more equitable and just place.

Registration forms will be available in the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center. The cost is FREE! Registration is due Friday, February 24th @ 5PM. For more information or to request accessibility accommodations please come by the CCLC in MLIB 172 (across from the BMU Marketplace)

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