Men's Series

Men's Retreat!

Guys, have you ever felt alone in a crowd? Ever feel you can’t connect to other men with complete honesty? Ever wish someone could see all of who you are?

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center invites you to our second annual Men’s Retreat! This is an opportunity for those who identify as men to engage in conversations about masculinity. Our intent is to create safe spaces to foster trust, brotherhood, and to talk about the challenges of what “manhood” really means to our society and us.

There is a $20 cost for registration (scholarships are available) and the registration period will close on Friday, February 14th. There will be a mandatory pre-trip meeting on Wednesday, February 19th, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Men's Retreat Image

About the Men's Program

The Men's program is designed to create a safe space for men across our campus to come together and discuss the issues that men face in today's society. Men are increasingly dropping out of higher education, lacking a strong presence within leadership roles on college campuses and gender roles are continuing to change within today society. Through this program the CCLC aims to create a place where men can feel comfortable enough to discuss some of these issues and even walk away and want to do something about these issues.