Meet our staff

Professional Staff

Katie Peterson | Program Coordinator

Katie Peterson entered the field of student affairs with the intention to advocate for social justice, community engagement and provide a space for students to explore their identity and purpose. As a first generation college student Katie Peterson attended the University of Washington and earned a Bachelors of Arts in Geography with an emphasize in International Studies. While attending the University of Washington Katie spent much of her time traveling oversees contributing to foreign relief work and volunteering locally. While pursuing her Masters degree in College Counseling and Students Development at Azusa Pacific University, Katie worked within the Student Activities, Community Engagement Center, and Career Services and the Residence Life department. Upon graduation Katie worked as a full-time Residence Director at Pitzer College in Southern California until she served for one year as Residence Community Coordinator for Whitney Hall at Chico State. Katie is now ecstatic for the opportunity to be the Program Coordinator in the CCLC because it provides her with the ability to combine her passion for mentorship and social justice education. When Katie is not working in the CCLC, she enjoys hiking, thrift store shopping, traveling, crafting and hanging out with friends!

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Krystle Tonga | Program Coordinator

Krystle Tonga was raised in Reno, NV and is currently a graduate student at CSU, Chico. As a student in the masters in Public Administration, Krystle is preparing to continue her work as an activist and hopes to start non-profit organization that helps advocate for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. By getting involved on campus, Krystle was able to obtain great leadership opportunities. After working with the Educational Opportunity Program, and being involved with various student organizations on campus, Krystle has continued her journey as a assistant program coordinator at the CCLC.

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Shawnya Abrams | Administrative Support Coordinator

Shawnya was born in Cleveland, OH and moved to Southern California six years later. Due to constantly moving around the L.A. area, she attended various elementary schools until settling in Goleta, CA where she lived throughout her early years.  She has one son, who currently attends Butte College and is her pride and joy. After being out of school for 10 years, Shawnya returned to Chico State, determined to receive her bachelor’s degree. She was employed by Butte County for nearly 15 years, assisting her local community, before finding her way to the CCLC.  Shawnya is a proud and active member of Bethel A.M.E. Church, where she serves as a church steward, usher, and the Women’s Missionary Society secretary.

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Inclusion Coordinators

Wendy Bustamante

Wendy Bustamante began her higher education at Los Angeles Pierce College, where she spent three years before transferring to Chico State. Wendy is currently completing her Bachelors of Art degree in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice. After graduation, Wendy plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Post-Secondary Education Administration or Social Justice. Her ultimate goal is to work with underrepresented youth, whether that be as a probation officer or working in academic advising/mentorship for a program that serves minority groups on campus to help achieve success. On her spare time, Wendy enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching Netflix, and cooking.

Jamilet Felix-Cardenas

Born in Inglewood, CA and raised in the Coachella Valley, Jamilet decided to attend Chico State in the fall of 2015. She is a fourth-year student majoring in Psychology and Spanish and will be graduating the spring of 2019. Her work has revolved around social and environmental justice. She has volunteered in multiple organizations, such as the Sierra Club, Raíces, CAVE, Cubanabooks, and many more who share a similar focus. She has also taught at multiple schools from grades 6-12 in the Coachella Valley and in Chico. One of her greatest passions is advocating for mental health and breaking the stigma around topics that hold a societal and cultural taboo. She hopes to one day be able to help others visualize a future where all of the chains that are currently tying them down to societal expectations break, allowing them to express themselves authentically. Another passion of hers is teaching, and that is what she plans to do with her future. She will become a Spanish high school teacher and obtain her Master’s while teaching. The ultimate goal is earning a Ph.D and becoming a professor. However, being able to influence teenagers positively by working at a high school is highly satisfying for her.

Ka Lynda Watts

Ka Lynda Watts was born and raised in Compton and Inglewood, CA. She is a first generation, oldest and only girl out of four boys. This is her 5th year here at Chico State and will be graduating spring 2019. Her major is psychology with a minor in sociology and hopes to be a school counselor to misrepresented youth in title 1, low income areas. Her goal is to achieve a Masters and Doctorate degree in the future and later down the line open up her own practice in marriage and family counseling. Ka Lynda is a co-founder of Just Unity Sistas “justUS” that focuses on the advancement and empowerment of black women and getting rid of the negative stigma and stereotypes that has been upheld on women of color. Our four pillars that we stand by are: empowerment, unity, mentorship and campus presence. If you have further questions or want to know more information about this or any other African American/ black organization here on campus, she would gladly help. Her passion has always been for the African American/black community and leading the way to change the injustice system, making equal opportunity so that people of color and minorities can be successful. Being able to advocate for the people that have been underestimated by higher power and change the societal norm that expects us to fail is what drives Ka Lynda to move forward.

“I am no longer accepting the thing I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”   -Angela Davis

Para Professionals

Amanuel Gebre

"Before you take a look into who I am, I want to thank you for checking out our amazing staff". Amanuel T. Gebre is a senior transfer student majoring in Exercise Physiology and Minoring in Health Promotions. As a transfer student from San Jose, CA, he has studied abroad in Britain last summer and he is a unapologetic foodie. Amanuel joined the CCLC to further his skills as a bridge builder and to practice being a gateway for students to become successful leaders in life and on this campus. His major may seem like it has nothing to do with cross cultural issues but he plans on changing the conversation around health by making it more inclusive and expanding the landscape of health affairs. He is very excited for the experience the CCLC will offer and the experiences he will share with the many students in the center.

Karla Guzman

Karla Mabel Guzman Mohedano, a Stockton, CA native is approaching her last semester as an undergrad double majoring in Sociology and Multicultural and Gender Studies with a minor in Chicanx Studies. From the moment she set foot on campus, she has been involved in several spaces such as Freshmen Leadership Opportunities (FLO), Mini-Corps as a migrant education tutor, CAVE, LeadCat, Diversity Affairs Council, EMPOWER, and the National Society of Leadership and Success. Moreover, her passion for advocating for the undocumented community led her to put on alongside other student leaders, Chico State’s first ever Coming Out of the Shadows event. Given her tremendous dedication and advocacy on campus, she has been awarded university awards that have strongly pushed her towards loving and working in higher education. As she finished her last undergrad semester, she plans to attend grad school in the future. Her goal is to be enrolled in a program that focuses on higher education and advocacy while working with marginalized, low-income, and first generation students to empower them to use education as the key to their success. What once seemed as a campus too big and out of place, has turned into a second home that has given her more than she could of imagined.

Deanna Rae Hill

Deanna is a third year here at Chico state. She recently decided to major in sociology with a potential minor in psychology. She is from the central valley, a small town called Exeter. Deanna was involved with FFA throughout high school and earned her California State Degree. She loves the outdoors, gardening, and music. Deanna started as a student who used the space to connect to other students but throughout programs and summits became more involved. She was a part of and completed the Carter Scholars Academy for Black Excellence. She was also one of many to attend the Black African American Summit. These experiences are what pushed Deanna to join the team this year. She wants be able to promote the success of communities of color especially focusing on the students and what we can do to make sure they succeed.

Christy Lee

Christy Lee is a transferred student majoring in Business with an option in Human Resource Management. She received her Associates degrees in Business Administration and Social and Behavioral Science at Yuba Community College. Growing up in a small town, she has a passion of relationship buildings, arts and decors, and going on outdoors adventures. She believes in the voices of others and empowering one another through unity.

Kaylena Santos

This fine young ladies name is Kaylena and she is one of the returning CCLC paraprofessionals. She is a transfer student from Fresno, Ca and majoring in Organizational Communications and minoring in Theatre Arts. Kaylena has many passions but continuously finds herself returning to the philosophy of art being a healthy avenue of self-expression and reenforcing the empowerment of women. She also very much enjoys reading all forms of novels, screen writings and poems, does yoga on the regular and dances 24/7. She has had an amazing experience here at Chico State and plans on ending her last semester here with a bang. She is always wanting to learn about different cultures and loves meeting new people! If you come into her office hours to say Hi, she will definitely greet you with a smile and a hug, so you should stop by! Thanks for reading(:

Lorena Velazquez-Magdeleno

Lorena is a local student from Corning CA, she attended Butte College and transferred to Chico State. Her majors are Bilingual Liberal Studies and Spanish. She loves the outdoors and is very passionate about sustainability, she is an advocate for animal and human rights. Lorena was born in Mexico and moved to the U.S. at the age of 10. Lorena is also undocumented, unapologetic and unafraid.


Taj Trimble

Taj Trimble I am a fourth year Political Science major here at Chico State. Originally from Inglewood, California where he was born and raised until he decided to go to school at Chico State. Being from SoCal coming to Chico was a big adjustment and took him a while to get acclimated to chico state. Although when he did he began to like it and couldn't see himself  anywhere else. Taj chose to work at the CCLC because his first year here he  found himself being his authentic self without judgment and met others who he could relate with. Throw taj a football or hand him a controller and you will quickly find out what his favorite thing to do is. Once Taj completes his undergraduate career he plans to pursure law school and become an entertainment lawyer.  


Graphic Design Intern

Carlos Torres

Carlos was born and raised in Boyle Heights, CA (LA) and decided to make the move to Chico the spring of 2015. As a senior here at Chico State, Carlos studies graphic design and photography. He has been designing for 2 years now and does not see himself letting it go anytime soon. One of his biggest passion is skateboarding, so if he is not on campus you can be sure to find him at the skatepark here at Chico. Post graduation, Carlos looks forward to doing a lot of traveling and documenting every step of the way.