Billing Services

Communications Account Services (CASV) and Telecommunications Services (TSRV) work in conjunction to handle the billing for voice and network services on campus. View our current rates.

For any voice line or network connection needs the campus first calls ITSS at x4357 and opens a service request. The department will provide all the information about the job to be performed, including who we can contact for additional information.

CASV and TSRV will review the service request, and if the service is not projected to exceed $5,000, an email will be sent to the department requesting approval and information about where to bill for the service. Once a reply to the email is received, the job will be initiated. Once completed, CASV will bill the service through the Admin Telecom Billing Website.

If upon review, the job is projected to exceed $5,000 TSRV will request a project estimate work authorization Form (PEWAF) from the department with all necessary signatures. Once the paperwork is submitted to TSRV at zip 165, the job will be initiated. Once completed, TSRV will process the PEWAF for payment.

If the job requires ongoing monthly service costs, CASV will set up the charges in the Admin Telecom Billing Web site for the department to review.  If you do not have access to the Web site, please email CASV.