CNI Datacenter Firewall Refresh

CCSV replaced the firewalls that provide network security to the campus datacenter, as part of the Common Network Infrastructure program, funded by the Office of the Chancellor. 

In this project, two pairs of existing Juniper firewalls were replaced by a single redundant system from Palo Alto Networks, an industry leader in network security equipment and services. The first part of the migration was completed in October, with the second done in December.

 These new firewalls bring additional capacity and dramatic new security features to the campus datacenter, including:

  • Advanced threat detection, automatically discovering and mitigating many types of network-based attacks
  • Up to 20Gbps of throughput, over five times as much as one of the older firewalls could deliver
  • Advanced analysis tools to better troubleshoot and tune firewall policies
  • Zero-day malware detection, capable of discovering and blocking malignant files as they transit the network