What is CDSA?

The Child Development Student Association (CDSA) is a professional organization for all students with an interest in children's education and welfare. It was formed to provide a group setting to share ideas, interests and concerns for children and to provide community service in child related activities.

Our Purpose

CDSA is an organized association dedicated to furthering the image of the Child Development Program through providing services to the campus and community. During meetings, presentations and speakers increase students' knowledge in the field of child development and provide a forum for receiving current information relating to career opportunities. In addition, CDSA serves as an informal advisory function for students in Child Development who seek assistance from their peers and an organization to facilitate specialization and the development of friendships among members.
Activities vary each year depending upon the student leadership, but may include socials, fundraising, and meetings with alumni and speakers who share their experiences related to topics such as careers, licensing, graduate schools, and credentialing processes. A scholarship for a child enrolled in the Child Development Laboratory is the primary goal for fundraising. CDSA members have become involved in local conferences, Week of the Young Child, and campus activities. CDSA aslo communicates regularly with the Golden Rivers Association for the Education of Young Children.