February 24, 2004 Meeting Minutes


Start time: 5:05

Jessica Francisco, club president, started the meeting by sending around a personal information sheet to get new email addresses or new member info.

Next was brief explanation of CDSA for new members
Description of meetings this semester
Dues- cost, pay for scholarship for one CDL family, children’s faire, fun without alcohol fair, etc.

Then Jessica introduced the board members that were present at the meeting

5:10 – 5:25

Speakers: Jennifer Adrian and Amy Cessna
They conducted their internship with six Child Life Specialists last semester at the Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento

Definitions of the Child Life Specialist responsibilities:

Jennifer and Amy participated in music therapy on Fridays, giving attention to lonely children, holding infants in ICU who do not receive much physical touch, played with children in the playroom and waiting rooms, as well as attended a two hour class every Friday on the profession of Child Life Specialist

5:25 – 5:40
Question and answer segment

Best and Worst: Amy Cessna

Felt good because she was actually helping the children feel better about their situation.
But the circumstances themselves were emotionally draining.

Best and Worst: Jennifer Adrian

5:40 – 5:45
Opportunity to look over the girls’ portfolios and take handout; ask more personalized questions; Child Life Council website

End of meeting

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