Join the CDSA!

  • A professional coed organization that prepares you for your career challenges.
  • Allows students to become aware of career options and opportunities.
  • A place to discuss topics of importance that meet the diverse needs of children.
  • A center to meet people with whom to share interests.
  • An informative organization with bi-monthly speakers.
  • Actively involved in the Chico Community.
  • Serious about helping others.
  • CDSA offers an opportunity for friendships, professional growth, networking links and much more!
  • Being a member of CDSA introduces you to people you see in class and provides opportunities to get to know them, their plans, interests, and areas of expertise.



Members of CDSA are asked to pay dues to join the organization. The money collected from dues is used to fund some of the functions CDSA organizes. Dues are $15 per semester or $25 for the whole year.


Current Members

Jennifer Adrian Jacqueline Bacino Juan Blanco
Amy Cessna

Lindsay Ferdermeyer

Dennalee Folks
Jennifer Fleming Jessica Francisco Alisha Morris
Rachelle Rigsby Kristy Ruckels Erin Schaeffer
Toniya Sealy
Amanda Soares