Degree Requirements and Academic Advising Documents

This page includes the Civil Engineering degree requirements (both major requirements and General Education requirements) and many forms to help a student plan their courses.  This page also includes lists of Civil Engineering 500-level elective offerings and a listing of the approved Technical Elective courses.  Some other forms used by the Civil Engineering Department are also included at the bottom of this page.


This following video explains the Civil Engineering degree requirements and how a student should select their courses.


 CE Course Requirements: This CE Course Requirements file provides the list of courses needed to earn a degree in Civil Engineering.  The can be used by students to plan their courses and track their progress toward earning their degree.  This form is also used by CE faculty advisors to help students plan their courses.  These same CE course requirements can also be found in different forms on the University website (click here) and in  the University Catalog (click here).

CE Course Sequence Flowchart (In Construction: Link to be updated.): This flowchart shows the order that courses should be taken in, since most courses in the Civil Engineering program have corresponding prerequisite courses.  It is very important to take courses in the correct sequence.

Technical Electives: This list provides the approved "technical elective" courses. 

Civil Engineering Playing Cards

CE cardsThe CE playing cards show all the required courses for the Civil Engineering Curriculum and help students plan their courses for each semester while here at Chico State.  They also are a fully functional deck of standard playing cards! Pick one up at the ASCE student club office in Langdon 202.


This following video explains the General Education Requirements for Civil Engineering students and also explains how to get a Minor in Sustainability with taking only one additional class.



General Education Requirements for CE Students: CE students are exempt from some General Education course requirements, so this file provides the General Education requirements specific for CE students. 


The Civil Engineering degree requirements and the Chico State General Education Requirements were both updated in the Fall of 2012.  A summary presentation on the Civil Engineering program changes can be found here.  If you entered college before Fall of 2012, then you can choose to graduate based on either the updated requirements (available in the files in previous sections) or on the older degree requirements that we in effect when you entered college.  When using the older degree requirements, there are seven pre-approved substitutions that will enable you to take our newly offered courses.  The older curriculum requirements and the seven pre-approved substitutions can be found here.  Transitioning to the new curriculum is confusing, so please review this file and then discuss this in person with your CE faculty academic advisor.


CIVL Electives: This file lists the 500-level CIVL courses offerings scheduled over the next two or three semesters.  These courses may be used to satisfy both the "engineering elective" and "technical elective" requirements. 


Petition a CE Program Requirement: Students may petition to make a substitution or change to CE program requirements. These requests usually involve substituting an unapproved course a student has already taken or plans to take against a similar but approved course. It is always better to file a petition before taking a substitute course, whenever possible. Petition requests are approved or denied by majority vote of the CE faculty. Students must consult with their major academic advisor when considering a petition.

Request to Change Academic Advisor: Every CE major must have a major academic advisor. All permanent faculty in the CE program do academic advising. You may select an advisor of your choice or let the department choose one for you.

Declare or Change a Major or Minor: It is usually a simple matter to declare a major if you are currently "undeclared" or to change from your current major to another one.