Chico State Civil Engineering Continues the Tradition of Hands-On Learning

Sustainable Engineering and Environmental Health for Development (SEEHD) is a thriving student organization at CSU, Chico.  SEEHD offers students an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable engineering projects in the area of water supply, sanitation, pollution control, energy, and shelter.

Recently, Dr. Oakley taught a senior capstone class on natural systems for wastewater treatment and student conducted a design feasibility study for potential sanitation improvement alternatives in the Lake Atitlan basin in Guatemala.  In May 2013, four of these then traveled to Lake Atitlan to meet with government officials and community members to present and discuss the project. In addition, educational supplies were donated to a local primary school on the lakeshore.  It is also planned that ceramic water filters made for household use, another SEEHD project in development, will be donated in the future. With positive responses to the proposed design, three SEEHD students are currently working to develop a comprehensive design solution; this will both be submitted as a journal article and be used for a hopeful follow up visit to Guatemala next summer.

Group of students with Dr. Oakley in Guatamala

SEEHD group with Dr. Oakley at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, where current SEEHD project on wastewater treatment is located

Students making water filters One of the ceramic water filters

SEEHD students making ceramic water filters for drinking water at Civil Engineering lab

Students pictured with Guatemalan students

SEEHD students with students at elementary school in Santa Catarina, Guatemala, where educational supplies were donated and water filters are also needed