Why Choose Chico State CE?

Chico State CE is Well-Known for Small Class Sizes and Close Interaction between the Students and Faculty

 The smaller class sizes at Chico State means that students get more interaction with their professors.  This means that at Chico state, teachers have time to meet with students and answer their questions.  Small class sizes create a positive learning environment in the classroom, and the relationships built between the students and faculty often opens opportunities for students to get involved with research and job placement.

class size

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Chico State CE is Well-Known for a Hands-on Lab-Intensive Program

Chico State CE believes that a hands on learning environment helps improve quality of learning for students.  Lab courses help support subjects learned in a lecture, bring understanding to complex subjects such as reinforced concrete design, and are a fun, hands-on way to learn.  The Chico State Civil Engineering curriculum requires more labs than many other leading Civil Engineering programs.

lab comparison

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Chico State CE is a Cost-Effective Choice for a Great Undergraduate Education! 

The Chico State CE program stays competitive with other top Civil Engineering programs like UC Berkeley or Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, yet Chico State cost much less to attend.  At Chico State we believe that you can still get a quality education at an affordable price.


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CSU, Chico Rates Highly on the College Scoreboard Website

In the categories evaluating cost, graduation rate, student loan default rate and level of student loan borrowing, CSU, Chico was the only CSU or University of California campus – and perhaps the only California school – to receive the best score possible. [Link]
cost grad

CSU, Chico Ranked Highly by The Princeton Review and U.S. News and World Report

Chico State was named to The Princeton Review's 2013 "Green Honor Roll," receiving the highest possible score. [Link]

Chico State ranked fifth among master's level public universities in the western United States in the 2013 edition of "America's Best Colleges" from U.S. News & World Report.

Chico State CE Students Get Their Classes!


It is extremely important to use that, in spite of any budget difficulties, that our students get their classes.  Our students get classes 95% of the time.  This is much higher than most comparative universities. 

Chico State CE is set up for Students to Earn an MINOR IN SUSTAINABILITY!

Sustain 1

 Its easy to earn a minor in sustainability for Civil Engineering students at Chico State; only one extra class is needed.  Issues involving sustainability are a growing concern of the global community and many modern engineering projects now incorporate sustainability and life-cycle assessments into their design.  The Minor in Sustainability, known as the Sustainability Pathway Minor, introduces students to the multiple dimensions surrounding environmental issues and needed skills to enter both the workforce and public life as a socially-responsible and environmentally-minded citizen, by focusing many of the students upper and lower division electives around topics and the modern questions surrounding sustainability. To learn more about the Sustainability Pathway Minor, click here.

sustain 2

Chico State CE has a Strong Faculty Focused on Undergraduate Education – Please Meet the Faculty!

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Chico State CE Faculty Have Many Active Research Programs

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Chico State CE has Active and Involved Student Clubs

The student clubs at Chico State are great ways for students to get involved in Civil Engineering, meet other students, get experience participating in an interdisciplinary design team, build their resume, and just have fun!  To learn more about the student organizations at Chico State CE click here

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Chico State CE is in Chico California, which is a Great Place to Live!

The town of Chico is in northern California and is home to 100,000 people (of which 16,000 are Chico State students).  Chico is a great community - it has the feel of a small university town and is located at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills, and has one of the largest municipal parks in the country (Bidwell Park; 3,600 acres).

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