Public Results of Faculty Learning Community

Faculty Learning Communities 

Sara E. Cooper (ILLC)

M.E. Matthews (MATH)

Troy Cline (BIOL)

Bryan Dixon (CSCI)

Kevin Klipfel (LIBR)

Objectives of Faculty Learning Community

The objective of this FLC is to enhance our collective understanding of SOTL, our familiarity with proven current pedagogies, and our facility with applying new methods and practices in our teaching and learning. Members will read and discuss eight articles chosen by: Cooper, Dean of UED Bill Loker, FYE Director Thia Wolf, and AeL/CELT Board member Kathleen Gabriel. The New Faculty each choose one additional article that all members will read and discuss. All Faculty Learning Community members collaborate to plan and implement a workshop for a full new faculty cohort. Lastly, members will present at the CELT Annual Conference. 

New Faculty Schedule 

Wednesdays 8:30-10 am Spring 2014

March 26—SELV 104—Discussion #1

1. Chapter 4 Development of Higher Psychological Functions” in Vygotsky’s
Legacy, Gredler and Shields, e-book access

2. The Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences, Chapters One & Six,
Sawyer (pdf)

April 9— SELV 104—Discussion #2
1. Doyle and Zakrasjek. New Science of Learning. (book on order)

April 23— SELV 104—Discussion #3

1. "Communities of Practice and Social Learning Systems" Wenger (pdf)

2. "Exploring Inclusive Pedagogy” Florian and Black-Hawkins (pdf)

3. "Contribution of Learner–Instructor Interaction to Sense of Community in
Graduate Online Education" Shackelford and Maxwell

4. “Classroom Community and Student Engagement in Online Courses” Young
and Bruce 

May 7— SELV 104—Discussion #4

5. "High Impact Educational Practices: What They Are, Who Has Access to
Them, and Why They Matter" George D. Kuh (pdf)

6. Articles contributed by FLC members:

         1. Scientific Teaching recommended by Cine.

         2. Reeve article recommended by Klipfel. 

         3. Don't Be Such a Scientist recommended by Dixon. 

         4. Clifford article recommended by Matthews. 

May 14—SSC 122/124—Presentation/Discussion with full