Teaching Resources

Handbook: Working with Distressed Students

CSU Chico's Counseling Center has compiled useful tips for assisting emotionally distressed students. This website offers straightforward advice, techniques, and suggestions on how to cope with, intervene, and assist troubled and/or difficult students in or out of the classroom.

Accessibility Technology Initiative (ATI)

The Accessible Technology Initiative represents a campus commitment to implementing our values of access in the online course materials used by faculty. The syllabus, readings, Vista course activities, and other electronic documents need to be in an accessible format to make your course accessible. TLP can help you make these materials accessible with tutorials, training, and assistance with their lab resources

Exemplary Online Instruction

What does a high-quality online course look like? This site is designed to answer this question by providing the Rubric for Online Instruction as well as a number of examples of exemplary online courses.


Ilene Rockman, leader of the California State University information competency initiative, has created a useful website on plagiarism & information competency.

Principles of Good Practice

These Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education are encouraged at CSU, Chico and were compiled in a study supported by the American Association for Higher Education, the Education Commission of the States, and The Johnson Foundation.

Essays and Articles

This page includes interesting essays and articles on teaching and teaching practices that you can read online.

Sustainability in the Curriculum

Lots of resources to help with curriculum development and incorporating concepts of sustainability into courses.

Teaching to Diversity and Promoting an Environment of Inclusion

Transformational Education

Links to sites and resources associated with the cultivation of empathy, compassion, non-violence, and peace.

"As our nation becomes increasingly polarized and our world increasingly dangerous, it seems ever more important that we work to help young people move beyond tolerance of difference to true and deep empathy with that which is 'other' and 'alien.'"    --Dianna Chapman Walsh, from Trustworthy Leadership.

Technology and Learning Program (TLP)

The Technology and Learning Program revolves around faculty and their needs for technology assistance to enhance or improve their curriculum. It is all about student learning, making it better, more effective, more accessible. TLP supports online course development, WebCT, information technology training, and much more.

Research and Sponsored Programs (RESP)

Through its work with faculty researchers, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs supports scholarship and creative activity across the University. Faculty participation in funded research informs instruction, allowing students to benefit from enriched learning environments.