Research Projects and Extra Credit

Issues for research


• The value of travel
• Advantages of public transport
• Contribution of Native American philosophies on U.S. government, on     women’s movement and Steinem’s philosophy
• Talking circles
• The Ghandian movement in India
• Activism on college campuses
• Statistics and examples of children brought up in unstable family situations
• Mental illness (especially of parents, implications for their kids)
• Socio-economic bias
• The importance of making one’s voice heard, of participating in the political process


• The planning, implementation, content, and/or repercussions of the first national women’s conference, held in 1977 in Houston
• Steinem and other 2nd wave feminists’ inclusion (or not) of intersectionality (e.g. alliances with diverse women, focus on issues outside of those most relevant to shite, middle-class, heterosexual women)
• Women’s participation in our political process
          o in general
          o limiting to one level, e.g. local govt, state govt., Congress, judicial                  branch, etc.
          o history of women’s presidential and VP bids
• What a political campaign consists of
• How mass media reflects bias
• Hiring practices reflecting bias
• Title IX
• The evolution of the flight attendant career
• Specific women mentioned in the book, whom Steinem worked with, campaigned for, or is influenced by

Extra credit ideas

• Attend her talk, or another event and write about it
• Develop a list of new vocabulary from the book, along with definitions
• Essay on what idea from the book challenges you the most
• Personal reflection on a person/event/situation in the book with personal relevance
• Any of the “Activities” in the BIC curriculum (e.g. have a substantive conversation with a taxi/Uber/Lyft/bus driver, or some other person in a service position who normally is just “background” and write about it as an eye-opening experience)