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Matthew J. Stone
Assistant Professor, Recreation, Hospitality, & Parks Management 

1) I heard Gloria Steinem talking about the book on Travel with Rick Steves.  The podcast is here: It may be able to enrich the discussion.

2) I have been researching the educational benefits of travel experiences (Abstract at: with additional manuscripts in progress).  Research suggests that travel can be a great experience for learning.  I have not read the book yet, but I think it would be interesting to consider something like:  how travel enriched her learning, what skills/learning outcomes she gained from travel that would have been difficult to generate from a classroom setting.  

Joshua Whittinghill
Educational Opportunity Program- Academic Advisor/Assessment Coordinator
Multicultural Gender Studies and Undergraduate Education- Lecturer

Our class will move into the book in common in October and for now are going to utilize lit circles with specific roles for each section I have marked out. There are five roles and I have broken the book into five sections, so each student in each group will be able to be each role. The day of each lit circle (one per week for five weeks) class will begin in small groups (about half the class) and transition into a whole class discussion.

The roles are:

Discussion Director
Connector/Graphic Organizer

I have attached the document for each role here; they provide students with guidelines and suggestions to help direct their reading.

Hopefully this is of some help somehow. Students, overall, say the roles are extremely helpful with their readings. I have utilized it with both novels and text books.

David Welton
First Year Experience Program

I have just begun using the BIC in my class. I took one of [Sara's] ideas and transformed it into the assignment below. I also created a simple T/F test for Chpt 1.

Travel Experience Assignment

Think about a trip you took that changed your life in some measurable way. It could be a little change or a big change. It could be a cross-country trip or a trip across town.

If you can’t think of an example from your own life, tell the travel story of someone else you know about, even someone you don’t know personally.

Write at least 150 words.


True or False?

1.            Gloria Steinem’s father was a traveling insurance salesman.

2.            Gloria Steinem’s father always used polite language and never cursed.

3.            Gloria Steinem enjoyed a traditional K-12 education in her home town.


Here's a short writing assignment based on Chapter 3.

Written Answer

1. Have you ever been in a situation where a stranger told you something very personal — maybe something that their closest friends and family don’t know? Or reverse the question, have you told a stranger something that few others know?
If yes, describe the situation, there is no need to describe the content of the conversation. If no, just write “no.” 

2. Why do you think people open up with strangers in a way they might not with close friends and family?

Feel free to take liberally, and/or to offer additional materials to be posted. Send to Sara E. Cooper, Faculty Liaison for the Book in Common 2016/17.