Who's My ASC?

Your department ASC, a.k.a. Administrative Support Coordinator, will be a point person for a lot of questions you'll have about processes, policies, personnel — and generally, how things run here at Chico State. Your ASC is a trained professional who can help make your life so much easier. Importantly, recognize that he or she is not your personal assistant. Read the section further down on What to Expect From Your ASC. And finally, get to know him or her, and be sure to express your appreciation for all that they do.

Find Your ASC

Departments, Chairs, and ASCs are listed in white. *Cross reference with the Directory to ensure the following is up to date*

Colleges, Deans, and AA/Ss (Administrative Analyst/ Specialists) are listed in multi-color section headers. For acronym help, see our Acronym Guide under the Help section.

What to Expect From Your ASC

The list below is not hard and fast. Sometimes you may be in a bind and need extra support from your ASC. Generally, though, here's what you're expected to do for yourself vs. what you can ask your ASC to do:

Do it Yourself

  • Run the copier to print exams, readings, handouts, etc.

  • Arrange your own travel (hotels, flights, etc.) but be sure to work with your ASC in advance of your trip to ensure all approvals are in place

  • Keep up with your own email and phone messages so that overflow doesn't fall on your ASC

  • Maintain your own Blackboard site

  • Pick up and return library books

  • Childcare (Really. We've heard stories.)

Ask Your ASC

  • To order office supplies and equipment

  • If you have questions about scheduling or classrooms

  • For help arranging specialty print jobs with the Print Shop

  • About paperwork needed for travel approval & reimbursement

  • To process payment to third parties (contractors, speakers, etc.)

  • To help process reimbursements