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Classroom Management


Classroom Management** (Collaborate)

Classroom Management (YouTube)


Student in Crisis, Teachers Who Care

Juni Banerjee-Stevens, Corinne Beck, Emily Peart

Course (Re)Design


 Backward Design in Course Development

Template for Course (Re)Design.pdf

Cooper, Anderson

First Fridays


First Friday on Research Mentoring 

Kevin Kelley

First Friday on Funded Course Redesign

Ben Seipel, Kate McCarthy, Laura Sederberg, Claudine Franquet, Zach Justus 

Inclusive and Inverted Classroom

3/13/2012 Toward a More Inclusive Classroom Andrews, Cooper, Schneider
10/18/2012 KEYNOTE: Difference Matters: Forming a More Inclusive Learning
11/15/2011 The Inverted Classroom Kotar, van den Berg, Whitlock

Lecture and Presentation

4/4/2014 Lecture and Presentation Strategies
3/4/2014 Lecture & Presentation Strategies (YouTube) Jon Hooper (RECR) & Todd Gibson (CSCI), with Joni Dunlap (U of Colorado, Denver)
10/2013  DIY Lecture Makeover, 2013 CELT Conference (YouTube) Gibson, Dunlap
2/17/2010 Lecturing Alternatives Shirah, van den Berg, Schneider

Online Instruction

10/2/14 CELT Conference 2014 "Expanding Online Resources Within Your Course" ​ (You Tube) Claudine Franquet, Wendy Bentley 
2/14/2014 For the Love of Learning: Maintaining Quality in Online/Hybrid Courses (You Tube) Christie
4/10/2013 How to Avoid Online Cheating ** (Collaborate) Shepard, Franquete


03/13/2013 Public Sphere Pedagogy ** (Collaborate) Ertle, Justus

RTP Process/ SLOs


Dossier Prep Workshop 


Dossier Preparation & the RTP Process **(Collaborate)

*At approx. 25:00 audio briefly cuts out for 3 min while Mark Siegall is talking.  Audience may miss out on a point he makes during that time.

*At approx. 29:00 video briefly cuts out for about 5 min, audio is unaffected.

02/13/2013 Preparing Your Dossier ** (Collaborate) Panel
2/3/2011 Preparing a Dossier Panel
10/18/2011 Fast Track Your SLOs: Connecting Curriculum with Assessment Guenter, Miller

Students (Accessibility and Diversity)

5/11/2015 Connecting with Students: Moving from Advising to Mentoring
10/2/14 CELT Conference 2014 "Using Discussion Protocols to Enhance Student Engagement" ​ (You Tube) Todd Gibson, Johanna Dunlap 
4/18/2014 What Does the 21st Century Student Want? (YouTube) Fernandez and student Panel
3/28/2013 & 4/25/2013 Distressed and Distressing Students: What's an Instructor to Do? CSUC Counseling and Wellness Center
5/8/2013 Helping Distressed & Distressing Students, Part 2 CSUC Counseling and Wellness Center
10/19/2012  Accessibility: Why Should I Care Olguin, Evans
3/2/2011 Teaching to Diversity Diversity FLC
4/11/2013 Peer Writing and Subject Tutoring in the Student Learning Center Student Learning Center

Teaching and Learning

2014 Advising Techniques (YouTube Video)  with handout 

Dawn Clifford 

10/2/14 CELT Conference 2014 "Strategies for Maximizing the Benefits of Collaborative Assignments" 

Todd Gibson, Joanna Dunlap

10/3/14 CELT Conference 2014 "Teaching Slam"  (You Tube)

Sara Cooper

9/20/2011 What Cognitive Science Indicates about Effective Teaching & Learning Vela
11/14/2012 Reflecting on Engaged Teaching ** (Collaborate) Schulte
10/20/2010 Who I Am/Why I Write: Digital Stories as Participation in Learning Jaxson, Fosen
9/11/2013 Outstanding Teachers Share Strategies** (Collaborate) Panel
11/17/2010 STEM Education--Re-igniting the Excitement of Inquiry and Exploration  Panel
9/15/2010 What Do You Know About Novice Learners? Wolf
10/2013 Faculty Honds-on Workshop, 2013 CELT Conference (YouTube) Christina Chaves-Reyes

Technology and Teaching

10/17/2012 E-book Opportunities for Your Classes: What, Why, and How Shepherd, Langston
4/10/2012 The Pedagogy of New Technologies Cluver, Steckel, Garcia
10/18/2012 iPads in Education: A Hands-On Exploration of Bloom's
Taxonomy of Apps
Christie, DiFalco
4/20/2011 New Technologies for Teaching DiFalco

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