Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Events

CELT Workshops and Webinars

Register for any of these at this website: http://depot.csuprojects.org/registration?campusid=7.

Fall 2014 Workshops 

  • Monday, October 27, 1-2pm, SSC 150- Advising Workshop for Faculty--Kim Dufour

Even if you aren’t a faculty advisor, you’ve most likely faced some of these tricky questions:

“What’s the difference between writing proficiency and writing intensive?”

“Can I minor in two Pathways?”

“Can I substitute this as a Global Cultures course?”

In this informational workshop, Director of Academic Advising Kim DuFour will offer: an overview of General Education and other graduation requirements and  offer you resources and tools for helping students meet their academic objectives. This workshop is recommended for all new faculty, departmental advisors, and anyone teaching in General Education classes.

  • Tuesday, November 4, 3-5 pm, MLIB Studio A- Demystifying the RTP Process-- Lyndall Ellingson, Mitchell Johns and Kate McCarthy

The process of Retention, Tenure, and Promotion can be stressful, seem obscure. In this panel discussion, faculty members from every academic college will answer questions about how to navigate the process successfully. Learn about strategic planning, finding mentorship, preparing your dossier, and sailing through the personnel committee interview.

  • Friday, February 20, 2-4pm, SSC 122- Approaches to Learning & Teaching (through) Writing-- Chris Fosen, Kim Jaxon, Laura Sparks, Deborah McCabe, & Maria DeCastro

How do we get excited about writing, or learn to write better? By reading more? Simply doing more writing? Focusing on grammar? Or structure? Or content? What is the value of writing in the learning process? In this workshop, several faculty members will share their own experience as well as research on the subject.


  • CELT has been building a video archive of sessions, available here: http://www.csuchico.edu/celt/Video-Archive/index.shtml
  • CSU Chico Faculty and Staff now have full access to the "Lynda" online tutorial system--if you go to Http://www.csuchico.edu/Lynda you will be able to log in with your regular Portal ID and password.
  • The Merlot Elixir Initiative offers (in their own words) “a digital case story repository that hosts more than 70 discipline-specific multimedia stories.” You are allowed to use them—they are under a Creative Commons License.
  • THE National Center for Academic Transformation is offering free discipline-specific course redesign webinars, for courses on developmental reading (March 11), algebra May 13), and psychology (April 8). You do need to register beforehand—register on the NCAT website to watch on your own, or go to the CELT registration above and watch with colleagues.
  • The Cal State Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) has made available a recording of the February 7, 2014  metacognition webinar, "From 'Student' to 'Informed Consumer' of Learning" by  Ed Nuhfer and Karl With on their site.


Passing on the Legacy: Higher Education Speaker Series

Brought to you by the Cross Cultural Leadership Center, this series provides an opportunity to gain greater insight into leadership at the executive level. Click here for a complete list of speakers. 

Upcoming TLP Workshops: 

Click here for a complete calendar of the Technology and Learning Program's Trainings and Workshops.

Upcoming RCE Events:

Regional and Continuing Education offers various opportunities to engage in personal and professional development. Click here for a complete list of "Connect-Learn-Engage" workshops and webinars.

Tuesday Talk with the Tech:

Catherine Benjamin, GIS Guru and Lab Manager in the Department of Geography, will offer weekly workshops on a variety of topics starting with the very basics and building from there. Workshops will occur every Tuesday at 1:30pm in Butte Hall Room 501. Faculty, staff, and students are all welcome. Click here for a complete list of topics. 

Butte College Events:

Click here for the calendar of professional development events occurring at Butte College.

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