CFP: The 21st CELT Conference

“High Impact Practices: Engaging the Whole Student”

(Scheduled for October 1-3, 2014)

Check back for schedule and registration link!

CSU, Chico's Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is pleased to announce the 21st Annual Conference on Learning and Teaching for faculty, staff, students, administration, and community.

The CELT Conference is intended to give us time to discuss what each of us is doing, and can further do, to enhance high quality learning and teaching–in the University and beyond. When preparing your proposal, please consider what will be interesting and/or helpful to your colleagues—and what will contribute most to our students’ learning.

This year we focus on engaging the whole student. This campus boasts an abundance of courses and programs that engage our students and prepare them for success through what Kuh calls High Impact Practices. First Year Experience’s Great Debate and Chico Town Hall are nationally recognized student projects; our redesigned General Education program incorporates both Writing Intensive and Capstone courses; and the Office of Civic Engagement reports that over 100 courses get students involved in the community. More than 200 courses focus on Diversity and Global learning, and increasingly our academic programs offer students the opportunity to complete large collaborative projects and/or internships. What else do we do to keep students focused on learning? How can we benefit from the experience of our colleagues who have been working with these and other practices?

Keynote speaker:

Jillian Kinzie, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research
Associate Director, National Survey of Student Engagement Institute
National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment Senior Scholar


At the CELT Conference this year we explore the many ways in which we work to engage our students in and outside of our classrooms.

We will have sessions in the following areas:

  • Any High Impact Practice in Learning and Teaching (First Year Experience programs, shared intellectual experiences, learning communities, writing intensive courses, collaborative assignments and projects, undergraduate research, diversity/global learning, community-based learning, internships, and capstone courses or projects)
  • Scholarship of Learning and Teaching
  • Mentoring & Advising
  • Internationalization
  • Diversity & Inclusiveness
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability—including wellness and work/life balance
  • Academic Technology enhancing Student Learning
  • NEW: Academic Research (involving students; your research as course material; reporting results of research projects)
  • Working Sessions (e.g. have participants bring their dossier/lecture slides/syllabus/grant proposal and help them develop it further at your workshop)
  • General: Any topic related to learning and teaching

We will have (1) hands-on working sessions (2) brief presentations followed by discussion, and (3) roundtable or panel discussions are invited from CSU Chico faculty, staff, students, and administrators, as well as from professionals in K-12, community colleges, and other institutions of higher education.

(The deadline for proposals has passed, but see the application at

For more information, please email or telephone the CELT Office at (530) 898-3094.