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CELT Teaching Excellence Series
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11/14/2012 Reflecting on Engaged Teaching Schulte
11/9/2012 Save Students Money While Transforming Teaching and Learning Christie et al.
CELT Conference 2012

10/19  Accessibility: Why Should I Care Olguin, Evans

KEYNOTE: Difference Matters: Forming a More Inclusive Learning

IPADS in Education: A Hands-On Exploration of Bloom's
    Taxonomy of Apps

Christie, DiFalco
10/17 Ebook Opportunities for Your Classes: What, Why, and How Shepherd, Langston
9/12/2012 Engagement and Reflection Imhoff
4/10/2012 The Pedagogy of New Technologies Steckel, Cluver, Garcia
3/13/2012 Toward a More Inclusive Classroom Andrews, Cooper, Schneider
2/14/2012 Preparing Your Dossier    
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11/15/2011 The Inverted Classroom Kotar, van den Berg, Whitlock
10/18/2011 Fast Track Your SLOs: Connecting Curriculum with Assessment Guenter, Miller
9/20/2011 What Cognitive Science Indicates about Effective Teaching & Learning Vela Ppt Slides
4/20/2011 New Technologies for Teaching DiFalco
3/2/2011 Teaching to Diversity Diversity FLC
2/3/2011 Preparing a Dossier Panel
11/17/2010 STEM Education--Reigniting the Excitement of Inquiry and Exploration Panel
10/20/2010 Who I Am/Why I Write: Digital Stories as Participation in Learning Jaxson, Fosen
9/15/2010 What Do You Know About Novice Learners? Wolf
2/17/2010 Lecturing Alternatives Shirah, van den Berg, Schneider