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CELT offers many kinds of opportunities to share ideas and explore new approaches to teaching and learning.

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Public Sphere Pedagogy Discussion
    March 13, 2pm-3pm, MLIB 031:
    The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) is pleased to invite you to a discussion of Public Sphere Pedagogy with co-presenters Ellie Ertle and Zach Justus. Public Sphere Pedagogy (PSP) embeds a "public sphere" in first-year courses, moving students from a typical classroom setting to a dialogue-rich environment. It focuses students' course reading, class discussion and research efforts on contemporary public issues and places students in dialogue with community members. PSP can be very challenging, but also very rewarding.  Registration for this workshop is limited to 25 participants. Registration can be found online here. For more information, please contact CELT director Sara E. Cooper at
  • Distressed and Distressing Students: What's an Instructor To Do?
    We all have them in our classes and/or offices: The student who doesn't participate, misses class, or shows up "under the influence". Or how about the one that disrupts with side conversations, texting, or constant bathroom breaks? Then there are the extreme cases that scare the whole class with menacing glares, loud or aggressive comments, or dramatic exits. What might be behind these behaviors, and how might we intervene so that all students can have a more positive learning environment? Moreover, where can you get help in negotiating these tricky situations? This 2-part workshop will offer information as well as concrete tools to help alleviate our stress and empower us to change the situation.
    • Part 1: March 28, 12pm-1pm, SSC 122
      Register online here.
    • Part 2: April 25, 12pm-1pm, SSC 122
      Register online here.

Recent Events:


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