Learning Catalyst Fellows: Call for Nominations

The CELT Learning Catalyst Fellows are instructional faculty and instructional staff who “catalyze”—stimulate, promote, motivate, encourage—student learning and are willing to talk about how.

CELT will recognize a maximum of one Learning Catalyst Fellow from each of the seven Academic Colleges each year. Note: Colleges are not limited in the number of nominations and in fact are encouraged to support all nominations.  Fellows will share their strategies and techniques with others in their College and at the annual CELT Conference.

CELT Learning Catalyst Fellows will each receive $500 in Professional Development Funds or taxable stipend (recipients’ choice) and will be honored at a CELT Conference Breakfast.

Nominations are open—we encourage nominations from students, student organizations, peers, chairs, deans, staff, and even self-nominations!  To nominate an instructor, a letter of nomination explaining how the nominee is a “catalyst of student learning” is all that is required

Nomination letters will be accepted up to Friday, May 16, 2014 (5:00 pm) by the CELT Director, Sara E. Cooper.  Letters can be submitted as a hard copy at MLIB 171C or electronically to CELT@csuchico.edu.

Nominees will be notified of their nomination and asked to submit full packets by Friday, September 5, 2014. 

A full packet includes, but is not limited to:

  • Documentation of student perceptions of nominee as a “learning catalyst” (examples could include: letters/emails from students, summary of SET scores, examples of student comments, teaching awards from student organizations)
  • Nominee’s statement of teaching philosophy
  • Support letter(s) from colleagues (chair, dean, faculty, or staff)
  • Nominee’s statement of willingness to present at CELT Conference as well as a written plan of how s/he can share practices with other faculty in the College (plan can be very simple or multi-faceted)
  • Any other evidence of excellence in teaching and facilitating learning

Criteria for award:

  • Perception by students as catalyst of learning—priority #1
  • Employs teaching practices/techniques that enhance student learning
  • Willingness to share strategies with colleagues
  • Full nomination packet submitted by deadline


Please contact CELT Director Sara E. Cooper with any questions: CELT@csuchico.edu or campus phone 898-3094.