Faculty Writing Community

Faculty Writing Community

MLIB 458

Are you working on an article? Story? Book? Conference paper? Lecture? Civic engagement project?

Silly question! We always are working on something, supposedly… If we could just stay focused, get rid of the constant distractions, figure out a way to prioritize the writing over the other dozen tasks with fixed deadlines…

Do you need a place to escape the phone, email, drop-in visitors, advisees, chores, the kids, and the gerbil?

Do you work better when in community with others who also are committed to making progress on (or finally finishing) a project?

Do you want a WiFi spot where you don’t have to buy anything, or a desktop computer with none of your other applications available?

  • MLIB 458 will be a quiet space for thinking, researching, & writing. Located conveniently in the library, we can access resources without walking across campus. A secure spot, we can leave our belongings behind for ten minutes without worrying about theft.
  • A small room apart is dedicated to collaborating—whether exchanging feedback on drafts, or planning a joint project. 
  • Coffee is always available—donations accepted.
  • Open Mon- Thurs 8-1, Fri 8-11, and by request: email scooper@csuchico.edu. All faculty and staff are welcome.

The FWC space is a joint endeavor of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, the Office of Faculty Affairs, and the Meriam Library—with special support from Six Degrees Coffee.